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Learning Commons (Library)

Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons? What is a Library Learning Commons?  The concept of the library as a...

Curriculum Returns

Here are the notes for families and patrons returning the used curriculum to the HCOS  school off...

Grad Student Information

Welcome to HCOS Learning Commons!  Welcome to all of our grad families!  We pray you are all sta...

Grad Student Textbook Booking

Please note: This is for Individualized Patrons with Encom Passwords Logging into the Search Por...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Subscriptions

For more information on Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Learning Commons FAQ website...

Learning Commons COVID Policy

COVID HCOS Learning Commons Policy  During this difficult COVID-19 time period, we want to ensur...

Learning Commons Resource Overview

We are excited to share with you all of the resources available to families, as well as how you c...

Learning Commons Website Links

The following are direct links to pertinent information that can be found on our Learning Commons...

Reading Assessment and Literacy Resources

Literacy is vital for all students as they begin school and throughout their careers. We recommen...

Research Skills Grades K-5

Primary students need to understand the basics of research in grades K-5. BrainPop has excellent ...

Research Skills Middle Grades 6-9

How do I start the Research Process? What is Universal Inquiry?  How does this apply to me? ...

Research Skills: Bibliographic Citations Gr 1- 9

Students as early as grade 1 can understand the reason for giving credit for created works. Her...

Search Portal Video Tutorials

Getting Started with the Search Portal How to Search in the Search Portal Booking Items fro...

Search Portal: Booking Multiple Items

You asked for it and now you’ve got it: by adding items to your Favourites List, you can easily b...

Shipping Information

Discover more shipping information pertinent to your account type on our website.  EnrolledRegis...

Subscriptions Usernames and Passwords

This is the updated way for families to find subscriptions usernames and passwords.  You may shar...

Subscriptions for Teaching Students How to Do Research

Discovery Education Tools Resources for Student Exploration in DE How to Research & Save to You...

Unit Study Kits

Unit studies are a perfect way to facilitate your student’s learning as they immerse themselves i...

Used Curriculum Bookstore

Here are some steps for you to purchase items from our used curriculum bookstore.  Read the paym...

Videos and Recordings - Learning Commons

Curriculum Selection Tools and Tips Webinar

Curriculum Options and External Resources Index

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FAQs and Troubleshooting Index

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Research Skills Index

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Logins and Getting Started Tips Index

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Search Portal Index

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Sora eBooks and Audiobooks Index

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Student Book Clubs & Contests

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Subscriptions and Databases Index

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Tutorials, Webinars & Presentations Index

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Unit Study Kits Index

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Used Bookstore Index

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