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Research Skills Grades K-5

Primary students need to understand the basics of research in grades K-5. BrainPop has excellent videos for students to watch on Computer Science terminology.


  • Students must know how to define a problem, locate information in their school library or database, select appropriate resources, organize notes, and present their work to their peers.  They must also understand how to accept peer feedback and edit their work for mistakes.  A basic introduction to preparing a cited list of references is required using MLA standards.  Please see this page for Bibliographic Citations.
  • In grades K-5, the expectation is that students will have at least two to three sources to share in their list of references at the end of their project.  Students will learn how to create a title page and a contents list (if necessary), number their pages, insert an image (cite that image) and make a list of references at the end of their project using this guide

This website walks you through the process step by step.

Research template Gr 4 – 9 Use this template to help plan your projects.

Use Search engines and databases that will help your student search safely.

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