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Math Course Options and Streams

This page provides information regarding the various courses and streams a student can take at HCOS for Math

Students in Grade 10 will have to make a decision regarding what Math courses to take

Things to consider when choosing a Math Stream:

  • Students need a math 11 or 12 course credit in order to graduate with a Dogwood diploma.
  • Students can still go to university or college without taking the Foundations & Pre-Calculus Math Route. However students may not be able to enter into the Sciences or Engineering streams. 
  • Pre-Calculus 12 should be taken if interested in going to a top level university.
  • Nursing Programs or Business Programs usually require Pre-Calculus 11 or Foundations 12.
  • Students interested in going into trades should take  Apprenticeship Math 12
    • Workplace Math 10 is the prerequisite for either Workplace Math 11 or Apprenticeship 12 
    • Work Place Math 11 and Apprenticeship 12 are equivalent in workload and difficulty. 

If you’d like to find out the content that is covered in a particular course please view the Course Description Website