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FAQ- Applications

You’ve applied for an LG event. What’s the next step?

You’ve received the automatic message indicating that we have received your application.   

  • For Learning Camps, this indicates acceptance to the event unless the coordinator is in touch to indicate otherwise.
  • For Community Connections, please remember that this does not indicate acceptance to the event, as we may not be able to accomodate all applicants. The LG coordinator of the event will be in touch to confirm if your application is accepted.   
  • Please note that HCOS PO payment entries will occur in Encom prior to the event date.  To pay from General Community PO, a parent will receive an invoice from HCOS to forward to their respective school. Credit card payments are processed upon submission (unless indicated otherwise).  
  • Mark the dates on your calendar.  
  • Your LG Coordinator may be in touch closer to the date with further details about the event. 
  • Enjoy the event!

I signed up for a Learning Group online but didn't get an email confirmation.

If you did not receive the confirmation email, it could be that you entered your email incorrectly, your application was not submitted properly, or the email was redirected to your junk mail folder. If concerned, please contact

I received the confirmation email following my application, but now I am being told it is full and we do not have a spot.

A confirmation email is automatically sent when you complete the application. Prior to acceptance all applications are reviewed manually. Priority goes to HCOS students and, where there are group challenges, we wish to make sure a student is fully supported to ensure successful participation. All these points affect when the link for a Learning Camp may be closed as full and whether an application is approved for a student to attend. We appreciate your understanding.

Why do I have to give my child's BC Services Card number on an application every time?

Unlike a school that would have a student's emergency information on file and accessible, Learning Groups are run by many different coordinators in many areas throughout the province. In case of an emergency, the coordinator needs to have information on hand should we be unable to easily reach or contact a parent.

My child has a medical alert. What information will I need to provide?

When a serious medical alert is indicated on a Learning Groups application, if a Medical Planning form has not already been provided to Learning Groups for the current school year, a Learning Groups team member will be in contact to complete a medical planning form. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the medical alert, there may be additional documents to complete as well (eg. Permission to Administer Medicine, Diabetes Support Plan, Seizure Support Plan, etc.). 

Note that all documents must be on file prior to a child being dropped off at a Learning Groups event.

Why does Learning Groups need to know if my child has Learning Services or Inclusive Education Support?

Our goal is to best facilitate student success, and Learning Group applications have questions designed to support students in their participation at LG events. It is therefore important for us to be aware of any supports student may be already receiving so that we can effectively plan together for your child’s success at LG events and look at providing additional supports as needed. Additionally, when thinking about CC and CC+, classes have varying needs, and the dynamics are different than a familiar, low-key home environment.