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Enrolled Program Overview

HCOS will discuss the variety of support services, the responsibilities for families and also miscellaneous information during the initial interview.

HCOS Support

Your Support Teacher will:

  • Be your child’s Home Room teacher at HCOS and is responsible for your child’s educational program. They also support families through prayer, encouragement, and educational program guidance
  • Have regular contact (emails, phone calls, home visits when possible and desired)
  • Collaborate on a Student Learning Plan (SLP) starting in September and it may be adjusted throughout the year
  • Provide assessment through regular feedback on work sample submitted weekly, Interim Grade Reports as needed, and Report Cards at the end of our two terms (end of January and end of June)
  • You will be contacted by your Support Teacher in August or early September

Resource Budget

  • PO numbers will be given which may be used through a variety of vendors. Please see our list of participating vendors
  • Once curriculum for core subjects (Science, Socials, Language Arts, Math & Languages when applicable) is established, curriculum budget may be used for lessons and other resources
  • PO numbers can be found in Encom

Learning Commons

  • Learning resources and kits
  • Online Library
  • Subscriptions

Learning Groups

  • Co-ops
  • Community Connections
  • Community Connections Plus
  • Learning Camps

Curriculum Consultant 

    • Can meet with to go over resources and what can work for each grade

    Curriculum Packages

    • Have been built based on common resources for each grade to help get started as needed

    Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Testing

    • Students enrolling in grades 4 and 7 are required to write the FSA tests in October and these are written at each family's home

    Online courses 

    • Online courses are available for grades 5 to 9

    Parent Responsibilities:

    Documentation to be sent to HCOS office

    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Care Card Number
    • Curriculum Agreement

    Weekly contact with support teacher

    • Emails, phone calls, SeeSaw/Freshgrade, Zoom calls, texts, or other agreed upon methods
    • Face-to-face visits when possible or desired
    • Sharing of work samples and activities as guided by your support teacher