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Online Session Recordings

A key component of synchronous courses is the ability for students and teachers to build relationships and community through online sessions.  To accomplish this, Heritage Christian Online School has been using Zoom for over 4 years and we believe it is an excellent platform to provide social interaction while educating remotely. We also recognize that there has been a great deal of media coverage around Zoom and privacy issues, which may cause you concern.  Zoom has moved to quickly address a significant majority of these and is committed to addressing the rest. In addition, BC's Ministry of Education has done their due diligence and determined Zoom provides a secure platform with proper protocols in place to address student privacy and security.

In order to facilitate teaching and create a sense of community, especially in a time when we are being asked to practice physical distancing, some teachers choose to make recorded sessions available to students who are unable to attend every session. Recordings will help to ensure they do not feel left out or behind. Videos are recorded locally. Our teachers do not use the Zoom cloud recording service, which ensures the footage is not stored with Zoom.

Teachers who record synchronous sessions will share links through two approved methods:

  1. Vimeo: We have elected to use Vimeo because it allows us to make videos private and easily provide them to students via Moodle or by a password provided to parents. Videos are restricted to services we host.
  2. Google Drive: For students not in Moodle we’ve elected to use Google Drive and link sharing restricted to accounts that are authorized.  Teachers will grant Viewer access and share it with parent addresses only. Teachers may also opt to share directly with their students if they are using Google Classroom.

(Moodle is still there for the next year 2023 for students who are finishing old courses; otherwise, we have transitioned to Brightspace). 

We believe that these options provide a secure means of ensuring a student can “be present” while not able to attend.  If you are not comfortable with your child being recorded, please feel free to turn off the video and audio during the class. If that is insufficient please contact your teacher to determine if there are alternatives to ensure your student is still able to participate.  

For more information please review our Online Session Recording policy. If you have questions or concerns please email

Parent Acknowledgement and Consent

Prior to attending a Zoom session that will be recorded please ensure you have filled out the Online Recording Consent form. Your teacher will receive a notification of your consent. If the form has not been filled out students will not be allowed to attend.

Please speak with your teacher before filling out the form above. Not all courses will be recorded or use Zoom in this manner, so the form is not required of all families. Your teacher will notify you if it is required.

Online Session Recording Policy

  1. Ensure all parents are aware of the possibility of a recording and acknowledge and complete the Online Recording Consent form and ensure no student whose parents have not consented is included in a recording.
  2. Will upload the video to one of two approved sources:
    1. Vimeo - ensuring all videos are set to Private and have a password
    2. Google Drive - ensuring the link is only shared with individual email addresses
  3. Work with families, to the best of their ability to find alternatives for students who want to attend but whose parents do not want their image or name in a recording. Where a solution cannot be reached the student will be unable to participate in live sessions.