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HCOS Learning Groups Information

This page provides information and resources related to HCOS Learning Groups.

Welcome to HCOS Learning Groups! 

HCOS Learning Groups are committed to offering innovative, Christ-centered educational opportunities for home learners virtually and in person, through a variety of activities offered in communities around the province. We support home educating families by actively exploring and experiencing a range of knowledge and skills while nurturing our relationships with God and with each other.

As you consider all that HCOS has to offer, including Learning Group opportunities posted to date, I encourage you to look at the family resources and information posted on our HCOS and LG website  which may address questions you may have at this time and to become familiar with this SOPHIE page outlining our protocols. 


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Our Learning Groups Director, Christine Loewen, oversees all Learning Groups programs and LG administrative and office staff. Together she collaborates with them regarding the vision and mission in directing programming, the smooth implementation of processes and procedures and also the management of risks to ensure safe participation. She manages the financial aspects of the programs and communicates with Heads of School, directors and teachers throughout the year.

Our Learning Groups Assistant Director, Ryan McGuire assists in managing day to day administrative operations related to Learning Groups programming and offerings, including support and training for LG leadership teams, coordinators and teachers, along with oversight of special projects such as the CC curriculum project and family communication throughout the year.

Tessa Arends is the LG Regional Administrator of the Interior with a focus on Learning Camps. 

Lisa Franco is the LG Regional Administrator of Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and the North with a Community Connections focus.

Andria Lengkeek is the LG Regional Administrator of the Lower Mainland with a focus on Community Connections Plus events.

Jonathan Zuidhof is the LG Regional Administrator of the Lower Mainland with a CC Curriculum and Growth focus.

Together with our teachers and office team, we offer a number of group learning opportunities and courses for our students and home schooling community in a variety of locations throughout the province.

You can contact any member of the team at

To view our Office staff, please visit here.