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Where to start when making a lesson or activity purchase?

Please Note: HCOS does not begin accepting and/or paying invoices for lessons and activities until October 1st of the school year.

HCOS is not able to pay for any item (curriculum) or lesson that has been previously paid for by the family. HCOS does not reimburse providers, who in turn reimburse families. We can only pay an unpaid invoice. 

Step One: Determine if the Lesson or Activity Provider has a Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file with HCOS
  • Making a purchase for a lesson or activity begins by contacting the HCOS office to determine whether or not a lesson provider has a CRC on file with HCOS
    • HCOS Office: Contact Information

      Local: 250-862-2376              

      Toll Free: 1-877-862-2375

  • If the Lesson or Activity provider does not have a CRC on file with HCOS, the office will help guide the provider in the process of obtaining one.  This CRC will then be held on file for 5 years. To start this process, the office will need the following information:
    • a contact name of the lesson provider
    • a contact email
  • Once you have determined a CRC is place with HCOS, you are ready for the next step

All lesson and activity providers, must have a CRC on file with HCOS prior to lessons begin, in order for HCOS to process payment

Step Two: Determine how the Lesson or Activity provider needs to be paid 

There are two payment options:

Payment Option One -  Purchase Order/ Invoice: Most Lesson and Activity providers (music lessons, sports associations, choir, gymnastics, dance, etc...) will invoice HCOS and get paid via cheque. This is the preferred process for the lesson providers as well as HCOS.

All lesson and activity invoices must be submitted via the new HCOS Lesson Invoice Submission form. HCOS will no longer be accepting lesson invoices via email.

  1. *New Lesson Providers will now send their invoices directly to the HCOS Payable department via the HCOS - Lesson Invoice Submission form
    • Their submission will never be blocked by our servers (thinking it is spam)
    • Their submission will be processed quicker
      • Reduced back and form between the HCOS finance office and Lesson Providers - All information needed to successfully process will be available to the finance office
      •  Will go directly to the person processing Lesson and Activity invoices

Important things to know regarding Lesson and Activity purchases and invoicing:

  1. HCOS will accept invoices in October for lessons occurring until the end of January (Term One)
  2. HCOS will accept invoices at the end of January for lessons occurring Feb - the end of June (Term Two)
  3. If a Lesson or Activity Provider does not have an invoice, a template has been provided that they can use on the  HCOS - Lesson Invoice Submission form

Lesson and Activity providers are given a Lesson Provider Agreement to sign during the CRC process. This document outlines how to invoice HCOS successfully.

Payment Option Two -  Recreational Program Online Form: This form is for all City and Municipality Recreational Center purchases (all City Rec center purchases MUST go through this form; do not ask them to invoice HCOS).

City and Municipality Recreational Centers

  • Families will need to set up an online registration account with the recreational center they are wanting to purchase from
  • Families will then need to complete the Recreational Program Online Form found in ENCOM
    • If unsure of how to fill out the Recreational Program Order form, please click here for instruction
  • For HCOS to register the student for lessons, families must include the following information on the Recreational Program form
    • Their username as well as a temporary password to their recreational center online account 
      • HCOS will email you once the payment is processed, letting you know you can go in and change the password to your account
    • A link to the specific course they are hoping to register in or the program number
      • the course must be accepting registrations and active for HCOS to make the purchase
      • if the lesson is a Homeschool program, not available online, please enter that information in the note section of the lesson order form

The Recreational Program Online form will be available October 1st - April 15th of each school year