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Adjudications and Supports for Learning Services (LS) Students Writing Grad Assessments

In British Columbia, there are 3 assessments required (Grade 10 Literacy, Grade 10 Numeracy & Grade 12 Literacy). In order to graduate with a Dogwood, this is a provincial requirement, however, when your student decides to write is flexible. 

There are generally 2 times that students write: January and June. This is the Ministry of Education Site for the Provincial Grad Assessment Schedule

Each year, Grad students are sent links from the school to sign up for assessments. If your students requires supports when writing, when you sign-up for the assessment, please make sure to identify that your son/daughter has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in Encom and the requested adjudications (supports) are noted and approved on the IEP.  If you have any questions about the IEP, please speak to your Grad Advisor or Learning Services Consultant.

Some of the support/adjudications require advanced arrangements. 


If your student needs a separate setting, (due to anxiety, using a scribe etc.) you, the parent, are responsible for finding this location (ie. church, library, school). When looking for a place, please arrange to have an adequate amount of time for the assessment to be written and ensure that the location has good wifi. 


If you are in a separate setting, you will also need to find an invigilator - this needs to be a current or retired teacher (going rate is approximately $120 for 3 hrs). All information for the separate setting needs to be collected and ready prior to registering for the assessment.


Assessments must be started between 8 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday 


In-person Scribe:

If your student needs a scribe, you are responsible for finding them and compensating them. A scribe is simply there to write down what your student says and cannot provide any additional assistance. To read the full guidelines regarding scribes from the Ministry of Education, please look here.

Speech to Text and Text to Speech:

If your son/daughter plans on using Read and Write:

    1. They are NOT required to have a separate space as long as they use their headphones
    2. You must use your HCOS email address and the official version of R&W provided through HCOS - please make sure your son/daughter has practiced and is comfortable using this on their own. Please ensure that an account through HCOS has been set up ahead of the assessment.

A few other notes:

  • Your student can re write their provincial assessments up to 3 times - the highest score will be taken 
  • Their results are a stand alone score, it does not affect their current English or Math courses