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Enrolled vs. Registered

This page provides more information on the differences between enrolling and registering a student(s). 


  • Provided with a Support Teacher
  • Accountable to be in regular weekly contact with the Support Teacher
  • Accountable to Provincial Learning Standards
  • Curriculum budget per child for Grades K – 9
  • Curriculum budget per course for Grades 10 – 12
  • Option to take courses by an individualized approach, by an online approach, or an integrated approach, which is a blend of the first two
  • Ongoing portfolios showing work accomplished in individualized courses are sent to students’ Support Teacher 
  • Receive Report Cards twice a year
  • Receive a Provincial Graduation Certificate (Dogwood or Completion)


  • No Support Teacher provided
  • Not accountable to follow Provincial Learning Standards
  • May take online courses from Grades 10 to 12 through HCOS
  • Are not required to send in Portfolios
  • Do not receive a Provincial Graduation Certificate
  • Can receive the Equivalency Graduation Certificate


For an overview of what resources are available for Registered vs. Enrolled students, please visit LC registered vs. enrolled

For more information on the difference between enrolling and registering your student(s) please see this document.