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Message, Subscription and Update Alerts

At the top of your Brightspace login you will see five different icons located next to your profile image and name. 

There are two icons in addition to the alerts: 

The ‘waffle’ is a shortcut to search your courses. It allows you to navigate to your courses from any page you might be on within Brightspace. 

The ‘cog’ is a shortcut to any settings that you might be able to change. As a student, you don’t have access to more than your Media Library. This is where all media (videos, recordings etc.) you have created within Brightspace is stored. 

The three icons that are related to alerts are listed below. Anytime that an alert is present it will be represented by an orange dot.


This will track any email alerts that have been sent to you through Brightspace.


These would be alerts for anything you might have subscribed to in your courses; announcement feeds, discussion posts etc. 


These are alerts based on settings you’ve created for what you’d like to be notified about. This can include new content, announcements etc. 

To change your notification settings:

  1. Log in

  2. At the top right, click on your user name or profile picture.

  3. Select ‘Notifications’ from the pop up window.

Once into the notifications tab, there are instructions on how to download the Pulse App which connects to your Brightspace account. Additionally, you can update contact methods, both email and mobile. 

There are a few settings that you have the ability to choose from.

4. Under ‘Summary of Activity’ you have the ability to receive a summary of activity for each of your different courses. The options are never, daily or weekly.

      • Activity Feed - new comments from others on a post
      • Activity Feed - new posts created by others
      • Announcements - announcement updated
      • Announcements - new announcement available
      • Assignments - assigned feedback released
        • This will notify you when your teacher has given you feedback on any of your submitted work.
      • Discussions - mentioned in a discussion post or thread
      • Discussions - new port in a forum, topic, or thread that i subscribed to in instant notifications
      • Grades - grade item released
      • Grades - grade item updated

We suggest leaving off the different Content items unless you want to know every time a typo or small addition is made to your courses :)

The second option may be chosen if you’ve enrolled in courses that haven’t yet started, such as synchronous course options.