Administration and Staff Contacts

Welcome to HCOS. The following administration and staff members are here to help you and your student have a successful year! 

Academic Head of School

Business Head of School

Sara Kraushar

Craig Kwiatkowski

Director of K-9 Program Jeff Laird 
  • Contact Jeff Laird regarding K- 12 Individualized Program, i.e. Enrollment, Support Teacher, etc.
  • Contact Claire Pollok at regarding Registered Home Learners
Director of Grad Program Chelsea Bitgood
  • Contact Chelsea Bitgood regarding Course Selection and Enrollment, Graduation Requirements, Provincial Exams and Assessments   
Director of Special Education

 Calvin Johnston

  • Contact Calvin Johnston regarding any questions or concerns regarding our Special Education Program
Director of Technology

Jeremy Tjosvold 

  • Contact Jeremy Tjosvold regarding any questions or concerns regarding Technology
Director of Resources and Reimbursement Administrator   Ted Gerk

  • Contact Ted Gerk regarding reimbursements and course funding.
  • Contact Carole Chobot regarding enrolment documents.
Technical Support  Caleb Block

Phone: 1-877-862-2375

  • Contact Caleb for computer support or questions regarding username and password for Encom 
BCOS Program Administrator Delayne Cama Moroka 

  • Contact Delayne Cama Moroka if you have questions regarding crossed enrolled courses through BCOS. 

    Middle School Online Course Administrator - Grant Wardle 
  • Contact Grant Wardle for questions about middle school online courses

 HCOS informative website at

The Heritage Christian Online School website is a very useful website. It is through this website that you will log into Encom to find such useful information as your child’s Student Learning Plan, Report Card, your curriculum resource budget and the provincial learning outcomes. It is also through this website that your child will log into Moodle if he or she is doing an online course.

On our front page we keep you up-to-date on any important announcements and important due dates. There are quick links to Learning Camps, Co-ops, Community Connections, the newsletter, new enrolment application etc. 

Under Program Details you will find in-depth information about our Grad and SE programs. 

The Family Resources button gives you information about curriculum, our resource packages, and lists of vendors, learning outcomes, discussion forums, and the learning commons (our enhanced virtual and physical library.) 

Finally the School Info spot takes you to our staff room, where you will find a picture and a biography of each of our staff. If you are interested in being a teacher with us, then this is also where you will find that information.