Administration and Staff Contacts

Welcome to HCOS. The following administration and staff members are here to help you and your student have a successful year! 

Academic Head of School

Business Head of School

Sara Kraushar

Craig Kwiatkowski

Sara and Craig are the Heads of Schools and are responsible for overall vision and direction of the school
Director of K-9 Program Jeff Laird 
Contact Jeff Laird regarding K- 9 individualized program, i.e. enrollment, support teacher, etc.
Middle School Online Course Administrator Grant Wardle
Contact Grant Wardle for questions about middle school (grades 5-9) online courses
Director of Grad Program Chelsea Bitgood

Contact Chelsea Bitgood regarding course selection and enrollment, graduation requirements, provincial exams and assessments, BCOS and cross-enrollment for grades 10-12 or adult students

Director of Special Education

 Calvin Johnston

Contact Calvin Johnston regarding any questions or concerns regarding our Special Education Program

Director of Learning Services

Carmen Timmermans

Contact Carmen with any questions about accessing learning services supports for diverse learners
Director of Learning Groups

Christine Loewen

Contact Christine regarding any questions about our face to face programs: Community Connections, Learning Groups or Co-ops
Technical Support

Support Team

Contact the help desk for computer support or questions regarding username and password for Encom 
Phone: 1-877-862-2375

Registrar Sarah Roberts

Contact Sarah regarding admissions to HCOS
Operations Manager
Ted Gerk
Carole Chobot

Contact Ted Gerk regarding computer leases

Contact Carole Chobot regarding general inquiries

Accounts & Purchasing Manager  Aubri Reid

Contact Aubri about student resource accounts, tuition and bursaries

Director of Learning Commons Pippa Davies

Contact Pippa with any questions or concerns about our Learning Commons
Curriculum Consultant Cynthia Duncalfe

Contact Cynthia with any curriculum questions

Donor Relations Facilitator Chantelle Olsson-Chang

Contact Chantelle if you are interested in being part of our bursary support program and part of the Forward Together campaign
Homeschool Registered Liaison Claire Pollok

Contact Claire Pollok regarding registered home learners