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Cvent Transaction Notifications

The purpose of this page is to clarify payment transaction notifications you may receive. Cvent is the external software HCOS Learning Groups uses to process event applications. Depending on the payment method selected in an LG application, or funds available via Encom or credit card, you may receive a notification email such as presented in the scenarios below. 

Cvent is good in many ways but does have limitations for which it hasn’t developed an alternative yet. Cvent generates auto-payment emails using the Coordinator’s name so it seems to come from the coordinator, not the LG office.

Please refer any questions to

When the HCOS PO# is involved in the method of payment, fees are processed by the LG office according to what funds are available in the family’s Encom account . Speaking with your support teacher prior to applying for a Learning Group can help.

Insufficient Encom Funds

When there are insufficient Encom funds in the family’s account, there are two types of automatic emails that could result, as well as an invoice email.

Please note although the below scenarios denote the payment process for a CC, Learning Camp fee transaction notifications are similar.

Type 1: Payment Processed to Credit Card

If the automatic payment email ​ says "Your payment for the Community Connections _______ yyyy-yyyy event has been successfully processed to the credit card on file", this means that Encom funds weren’t sufficient to cover the CC fees (perhaps due to charges from curriculum  or online classes). When there aren't enough Encom funds, the balance is charged to the credit card that was used to pay the $50 application fee. The email is just to let you as the parent know that charge was put on your credit card. 

Type 2: ‘Payment Failure’ Email Notification


If the email states ‘payment failure’, then the payment processed to the credit card used for the $50 application fee did not go through. Learning Groups will send an invoice for payment. If you do not see an  invoice but have received a "Payment Failure" email, please check your junk mail.

Invoice Email

If the email states 'Please submit payment" or 'Balance Due', then the invoice shows additional amounts owing for CC which were not covered with Encom funds or credit card on file.  As a parent, you can go into Encom and see the 'additional resources' section for your family; perhaps Encom funds were also used for charges for curriculum, ipad purchases or online classes. Please keep track of your curriculum or third party purchases to ensure enough funding is available to cover LG learning opportunities as there is a time lag when invoices get to the office. 

To pay the invoice, click on the Cvent 'view your registration' link in the email, put in your registration confirmation number (provided in the email) and follow the prompts on each page to make the payment. You can add in a new credit card or the previous one that has funds available to process payment to. 

CCs with remaining balance will be automatically charged to the credit card on file in mid- November to early- December; as noted in the application payment options.

If there are credit card changes, please contact Desada Daigle to update; otherwise payment won’t go through and an invoice will be emailed to the family.  Making our email addresses safe will prevent them from getting blocked or going to the junk folder, depending on your settings. We ask families to not opt-out of receiving emails from us when registering their students for our learning opportunities in Cvent as this prevents invoices being emailed to you. 

If you have further questions, please email Desada at

In the Cvent application for CC, parents have the option to make payment by credit card or PO# funds. Any balance remaining, due to Encom funds being unavailable, will be charged to the credit card on file.

CC+: HCOS Enrolled Students: $550 (minus any Grad Course Credits) will be processed to the HCOS PO# when CC+ courses are added to each student in Encom. Any balance remaining, due to Encom funds being unavailable, will be charged to the credit card on file. (parent choice- I understand)

CC and CC+ course fees for Inclusive Education supported students are processed using IE funds. IE families might notice CC+ course fees in Encom at certain times of the year, but a short time later the course fees are corrected in Encom and fees processed using IE funds.