Where to start when making a curriculum purchase?

There are two ways to make a curriculum purchase with HCOS

Option 1. Purchase Order Number:
  • Purchase curriculum directly from an approved vendor using your student Purchase Order number
    • A list of approved vendors, who accept HCOS Purchase Orders (POs) along with instructions on how to make each order, can be found on our website under Resources Vendors
Option 2. Purchasing Department:

Please note the following curriculum vendors who have specific and unique instructions listed below

Name of Vendor Unique Instructions
Teachers Pay Teachers

Fill out the curriculum order form indicating the total cost of the items you need. The purchasing department will then purchase a gift card to cover those items. Once the gift card is used, the receipt from the purchase needs to be forwarded to dperret@onlineschool.ca.

Abeka Books

If a family only requires curriculum from Abeka, they can fill out a curriculum order form.  The purchasing department will place the order and make payment for that.

Abeka Academy

The parent phones Abeka to order Abeka Academy, it cannot be done online.   It has to be set up in the parent’s account. While placing the order, inform Abeka that HCOS will call with a portion of the payment toward the order and that the parent will be paying for the remainder.  Once the order is placed, the parent forwards their Abeka account number along with their  Abeka order form to the purchasing department  and we will call them with the US dollar amount that is the equivalent of the student’s restricted funding.  A specific amount is set up each year as the max that will go toward Abeka Academy depending upon the exchange rate at the beginning of the school year. The parent will  then pay the remaining portion of the payment.

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op

There are a number of vendors whose curriculum is at a lower price through the HSBC.  Orders for those vendors are placed on the curriculum order form. Here is the link to the various vendors who give discounts:




In order for us to make these purchases, the parent must have a Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op account and include the email they use to set up that account in the note section of the curriculum order form.