Viewing a Student Report Card

To view your student’s report card in Encom, please begin by logging in.

Find the student whose report card you wish to view and click the Report Card button below their name.


You will be taken to the report card page within Encom for your student. 12.ReportCardView1.png

Here you can view a summary of your student’s marks in the given subject areas as well as directly find the Student Learning Plan (SLP) and Learning Standards available for each course. You will find the Grades and Scales Legend on the right hand side.

Below the report card summary you will find the specific term comments for your student. These term comments are for students in Kindergarten through Grade 9. Grad Program, Grades 10 through 12, will only have course specific comments. Select the term you are looking to view: 12.ReportCardView3.png

Below the term comments are course specific comments. You will find two different types of boxes here. One is for internal courses (denoted by Internal beside the course name), these appear for Kindergarten through Grade 9 students who are enrolled in courses with their support teacher. 

The other is course specific reporting, which includes:

  • Online
  • Online Synchronous
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Grad Program Individualized and Hybrid
  • IEP (modified) Courses

as denoted next to the course name at the top of the box.


Internal courses do not have specific comments; reporting for those courses is included within the comments made in the Term Comment box. Comments for specific course programming will be made within these boxes, either in Term 1 or Term 2. 

Next, you will find the Student Self-Assessment Survey Questions and Answers. Currently these populate for students in Kindergarten through Grade 9 - Grades 10 through 12 will be added soon. 6.-SelfAssessment.png

Lastly, you will see a Promotion box. Once your student has completed their courses for the year, in Kindergarten through Grade 9, your support teacher will use the Promotion Sign-Off box to acknowledge your student has completed their current grade!6.-Promotion.png

In Grad, courses are completed on a one-by-one basis, and often times students will take a different grade levelled course that is not necessarily associated with their current grade level. As such, the promotion box is not significant for Grad Program students. 

Please connect with your teacher(s) regarding any questions you have about your student’s report card or how to navigate the sections described above.

In addition to viewing the report card in your browser, you have a few additional options at the top of the page. 6.-Print-Buttons.png

Print Report Card generates a web-based document that can be printed. 
Download PDF generates a PDF file of the report card that you can save to your computer.

You can also navigate to a few other pages directly from the report card. 6.-Additional-Buttons.png

Course Selection will take you to the course selection page within Encom. 

Learning Standards will take you to the overview page for your student’s learning standards. From there, if you select a course, you will be able to see their progress on the core competencies within that course. 

Student Learning Plan will take you to your student’s SLP where you can see all outlines for all subject areas and course specific plans. 

SLP Parent/Guardian Sign-Off - Parents of students in Kindergarten through Grade 9 are asked to sign off on their student’s SLP, to show that they are in agreement and worked collaboratively with the Support Teacher to create the plan. This link takes you directly to the form to complete.

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