Viewing a Student Report Card

To view your student’s report card in Encom, please begin by logging in.

Find the student whose report card you wish to view and click the Report Card button below their name.


You will be taken to the report card page within Encom for your student.


Here you can view a summary of your student’s marks in the given subject areas as well as directly finding the Student Learning Plan (SLP) and Learning Standards available for each course. You will find the Grades and Scales Legend on the right hand side.


Below the report card summary you will find the Term Comments for your student. These comments are for students in Kindergarten through Grade 9. Grad Program, Grades 10 through 12, will only have course specific comments. Select the term you are looking to view: 


Below the Term Comments you will find Internal courses and space for course specific comments.  Internal courses appear for Kindergarten through Grade 9 students who are enrolled in courses with their support teacher.  Comments for these courses are included in the Term Comments section (see above)

Course specific reporting applies to the following course types for Grades 5-12: