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Encom Access & Icon Explanation

Information for Families Encom

Encom is a database in which student records and reports are stored. This can be considered t...

Course Selection Instructions

Information for Families Grad Program

New Students: Once your application has been accepted by your Grad Advisor (GA), you or your par...

Transitioning from Grade 9

Information for Families Grad Program

Welcome to the Grad Program! This page is to help you understand some of the ins and outs and ch...

Where to find the Curriculum and Recreational Program Order Forms and how to fill them out?

Information for Families Curriculum Budget

The first step is to go to the Vendors page on the HCOS website to see if the vendor is on the Ve...

Parent Sign-off for Student Learning Plans (SLPs)

Information for Families Assessment

Directions for SLP Parent Sign off 1. Log into Encom. If you have forgotten your password, pleas...

How to Order a Resource for an Online Course

Information for Families 5-9 Online Program

Viewing a Student Report Card

Information for Families Encom

To view your student’s report card in Encom, please begin by logging in. Find the student whose ...

Adding a Course in Encom

Information for Families Encom

For Parents - Please consult your Support Teacher or Grad Advisor before selecting courses. Pare...

Logging Into Encom

Information for Families Encom

Sign into Encom You can access Encom here, or from our HCOS homepage by clicking on the Log In b...

How to Re-Enroll at HCOS

Information for Families Enrollment

This page highlights the process in which you will need to know when re-enrolling at HCOS. Sign ...