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Transitioning from Grade 9

Welcome to the Grad Program!

This page is to help you understand some of the ins and outs and changes as you move from Grade 9 to Grade 10. At any time, if the information is confusing please feel free to reach out to your Grad Advisor (GA). They are your sidekick through your grad years! 

Student Support

There are lots of resources and people to support your student's learning journey:

  • The Office -
  • Your Grad Advisor - check Encom under your Home information:
    Your Grad Advisor is the one to answer any questions you have about the grad program, requirements, course selection - the list goes on!  
  • Your Student's Teachers - each course, online or individualized, has a course specialist teacher at the grad program level. Please feel welcome to reach out at anytime to have discussions, or check in to see where you student is at. 
  • Director of Flex Academy - Bri Dyck, 
  • Inclusive Education (IE) Department - Learning Services (LS) and Inclusive Education. If this is something you feel your student could benefit from, please bring it up in discussion with your Grad Advisor who can connect you to the right person on the team!
Prerequisite Courses

Although the ministry does not mandate prerequisite courses - having taken a specific course before being able to take another - it is highly recommended that in core subject areas you have completed the prior grade level.

Core Courses: Mathematics, Sciences, English Language Arts and Social Studies

For example, to take Foundations and PreCalculus Math 10, it is expected that a student has successfully demonstrated completion of a Math 9 course. 

Course Types 

The Flex Academy grad program currently has three different types of course offerings, all with subject specialist teachers:

(Moodle will be for students who are finishing courses in 2023; otherwise, we have transitioned to Brightspace). 

  1. Flex Academy Hybrid Courses
    Flex Hybrid courses are a creative blend of online and in-person learning. These courses use Bright Space as a platform to structure the learning journey and are teacher-directed. Teachers post material for students to follow along with in a synchronized fashion. Teachers host learning labs for students where they engage in hands-on learning related to the course material.
  2. Flex Academy Traditional in-person courses. Flex Academy offers a variety of in-person elective courses in Physical Education, the Sciences and the Arts.
  3. HCOS Online Courses
    These courses are hosted in Bright Space, and all the of the learning activities and resources are provided for the students to complete. Curriculum is designed by the HCOS team and directed by an HCOS teacher. Parent involvement is encouraged, though not required.

All courses follow the modernized curriculum and the content outcomes, curricular competencies, core competencies, big ideas as well as biblical worldview integrations.

Please feel free to check out the ministry curriculum here

Starting in 2023, during your Grade 9 year at Flex, you will have been able to try several online courses. Middle school students at Flex Academy will also complete several hybrid courses during their middle school years. This will greatly support students in their most flexible years at the Academy during the grad program, where they will have opportunities to schedule their course loads in a way that fits their needs.

While in middle school, students should participate in their learning by understanding what is expected from their teachers and communicating regularly to ask questions, seek clarification and let teachers know what works and doesn't work for them as learners. When students do this at younger ages with the support of their families, the transition to those discussions with the grad program teachers will be smoother.

For more tips and tricks about getting ready for the Grad Program, please click here