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Flex Academy - FAQ for HCOS families with Inclusive Education Students

Clarifying not home-learning: Flex is a teacher-directed brick and mortar experience. 

If a Inclusive Education (IE) student is attending Flex Academy full time, will the family have any say in how the student is supported and funds are spent?

 A: Funding will be decided by the Flex Academy administration team and will be allocated as needed to support students in a brick and mortar environment. 

A: Cross-enrollment and part-time options in Flex Academy are only available for Grades 10-12. Priority enrollment will be given to full-time enrolling families. A part-time student at Flex is any student who is taking 3 or fewer classes. Once a student is taking 4 or more classes, they are expected to pay full tuition as Flex Academy will oversee their entire program and include extracurricular aspects like retreats, graduation ceremonies and events, subsidized travel, electives, etc. 

A: The EA will be provided by whichever school is providing the majority of the student’s programming (i.e., the SOR). So, if a student is an onsite Flex student for 5 classes and is taking 2 online courses, Flex would provide the EA support. Conversely, if the student is an HCOS student with 3 or fewer Flex classes, HCOS would provide the EA.

A: IE teacher support at Flex Academy will be provided by and determined by Flex Academy. There will not be HCOS IE Case Manager cross-over with Flex. 

A: Our elective offerings are determined in part by our hiring. We hope to hire staff who have a background in teaching various electives. In April, we will share with the Flex Academy families and interested HCOS families what the onsite Flex programming will be.

A: Flex students can cross-enroll with HCOS at the Grade 10-12 level (via the BCOS department). For full-time Flex Academy students, no additional tuition will be charged. For part-time Flex students, regular additional BCOS course fees will apply.

A: IE Funds cannot be used towards student tuition but would be used to support the student through other supports like counseling, EA support, occupational therapy, etc. depending on the student’s designation and support needs. 

A: Yes - Sports Team tryouts will be open to Flex Academy students and HCOS students who are not enrolled at Flex. 

A: Unfortunately due to funding restrictions, part-time enrollment is not available until the Grad program.