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Tips for Middle and High School Educational Success

Navigating regular in-person, online and hybrid courses together can be challenging for students. Here are a few tips to help your child find success in their courses at Flex Academy.

No one ever sets out to fail! 

We know students want to succeed with their in-person, online and hybrid courses. Students will hit roadblocks and technical difficulties. It is important to keep a positive mindset about these things, and for students or families to reach out for help from their Education Assistants, Learning Coaches, Teachers, Tech support or School Administrators. We are here to help! 

1. Role of Teachers

We are here to provide great courses and a positive learning experience with a teacher ready to support your student and give feedback to their work. Flex teachers care about each student. If your student is struggling, please get in touch with the teacher involved. 

2. Role of Students

Students are responsible for showing up consistently throughout the school year. That means being active in their course and being “present” with their teacher through assignment responses, Zoom, email and Learning Labs.

3. Role of Parents

Parents are an essential part of the learning process. We value when families are involved throughout the school year. Your student needs your encouragement and interest. Plan to sit down together at the computer every week to see where your child is at in their courses. Just asking, “Are you done?’  is not enough. It’s easy for a student to say “Yes, Mom” when they are not done at all. It happens all the time.

You are your student’s advocate, so don't be afraid to ask questions of your student or their teacher. 

4. Quality Communication
  • Most teachers prefer Email or Zoom for all communication.
  • Use good manners. Please start all communication with a polite greeting.
  • Teachers are committed to answering within 48 hours. Please respect the fact that they may be unable to answer more immediately than that at times.
  • Parents are encouraged to respond to grading comments, and report card comments, and communicate with the teacher if the student is experiencing problems. The teacher only knows what you tell them.
  • If you find you or your child is becoming overwhelmed by workload or struggling due to a learning need, remember every course can be adapted to suit your child’s learning needs – a conversation is all it takes to develop a plan for your student.
  • Students are encouraged to speak with their teacher about assignments. In hybrid and online courses, this becomes important as sometimes a student may become stuck and not able to move forward in their course due to an ungraded assignment that the teacher may not even know is sitting there. A polite request is always welcome and shows initiative. 

Flex Academy cares about your family's online experience. If you are thrilled with your experience, We would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you feel you are not being well served, please get in touch with Bri Dyck, Director of Flex Academy.