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Flex Academy Computer Leases

Leasing a Computer through Flex Academy

Flex Academy provides leased computers and iPads to students as a service, not an entitlement.

Leasing a Laptop or Macbook through Flex Academy can provide your student with a high-quality computer with good warranty protection and easy payment options.

Flex Academy Computer Lease Payment Schedule:



PC Laptop














* There is an optional buyout in the 3rd year if the family wants to keep the computer.

based on total cost of $1500

Based on total cost of $2500

Please note.  The computer lease is facilitated by Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS). HCOS has an agreement with Staples to provide both Delivery and Warranty for HCOS Computer Equipment at reasonable prices, including an extended warranty.  Families who find online bargains are welcome to purchase units at "bargain prices" (but remember that you get what you pay for). 

Flex Academy does not lease open box, used or sale items.

Here is the process:

STEP 1: The family fills out and signs the Computer Lease form and emails it to or bring it to Flex's Main office.

  • In the list of equipment to be leased section, write any specifications for the machine you would like.
    • PC Laptops: we can order 15" or 17" screens. Generally, larger screens cost more and more storage and processing power will cost more. We order the newest generation of Intel i5 or better.
    • Macbooks: We can order Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.
    •  Important: We are not leasing Chromebooks, iPads or Tablets at this time.
  • Put your address in the "mailing address" section (this is for verification purposes. The Computer will be delivered to Flex Academy)

STEP 2: If not already done as part of your student's onboarding at the beginning of the school year, complete the Student Computer & Wi-Fi Agreement Form. Make sure to select “A WiFi Key for my personal device”.

And that's it!

Once the lease is approved, you will be notified when your machine is ready for pick-up, and your first payment can be made at the Flex Academy Main Office.