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Advanced Placement FAQs

1. Do I have to take 2 final exams (the school’s final exam and the Collegeboard’s AP exam in May)? 

Most AP courses require an online proctored final exam for you to receive your high school course credit. This exam must be written to receive this credit. 

If you want to attempt to receive university credit through the College Board that exam takes place in May. Please note that the AP and school exams are separate from each other. Some course teachers will accept the AP Exam in lieu of the final exam for the course. This is a teacher by teacher decision and once enrolled, you should discuss your options with your course teacher. 

2. Do I have to create an AP student account? 

If you plan to write the AP exam in May, you will need to create an AP student account. This will allow for our school to order and book your AP exam. By creating this account, it will also give you access to additional material that your teacher may require as a part of your course. 

3. What if I don’t live close to an AP exam location? 

We have two exam locations, one in Kelowna and the other in the Greater Vancouver area. If a student lives outside of one of these locations we will arrange for you to write at a facility near you. Please note that there will be additional fees associated with writing an exam outside of our school locations. 

4. Can I take the AP Exam at my own school (school of record)? 

Yes, you may write your AP Exam at your school of record if they offer AP exams.  You will need to connect with the AP Coordinator at your school as they will need to provide you with an exam only join code. You will also need to inform our offices so that we can adjust your registration with our school.

5. How much does it cost to take the AP Exam?

The cost to write each AP exam is $200. If you live outside of our exam writing locations there will be additional fees to accommodate a special setting.

6. How do I register for the AP Exam?

After creating an account on the College Board website you will want to login at

Click the Join a Course or Exam button. Before you do this, make sure you have the six-Character join code from your teacher. You’ll need it to join a class section.   

Enter the join code your teacher gave you and click Submit.

Make sure the information that comes up is for the course you’re taking. If it is, click Yes

If you need to make any adjustments to your exam registration, such as in you no longer want to write the exam or yes you would like to write, please email Johanna Martz at: 

7. What is the AP Exam registration deadline?

There are two AP Exam registration deadlines in a year. The first one is in the middle of November for students who enrolled in the course before this time. The second deadline is in the middle of March. Information will be sent by course teachers and our office informing of upcoming deadlines.