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Course Options

Flex Academy offers the flexibility to design a unique High School experience with a variety of different learning options. All courses provide credit towards the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Hybrid Courses

Flex Academy offers Blended courses at the grad level in Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Career Education, Career Life Connections, and Spanish where course content and unit lessons are hosted in Bright Space for students to complete on a flexible schedule throughout their week. Students then participate in weekly learning labs where they engage in high-engagement hands-on activities to support the subject area's learning. Flex Hybrid courses run the length of the school year with the support of a Flex Academy subject specialist teacher.

(Moodle is still operating this year for students who are finishing old courses; otherwise, we have transitioned to Brightspace).

Online Courses

Flex Academy offers Grad Students the ability to cross-enroll with HCOS to access an impressive online course catalogue that provides engaging online learning.

HCOS offers two flexible pacing options:

  1. Asynchronous: work at your own pace to complete the course within twelve months from activation date.
  2. Synchronous cohorts: work at the same pace as your peers, meeting regularly on Zoom with your online teacher. 

If available, Flex Students should take the Flex Academy Blended course instead of the same HCOS synchronous online course. Please talk to your Grad advisor or the Director of Flex Academy if you have any questions.