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Skills for Online Success

ADST: Skills for Online Success 1

Course Overview

All Flex Academy Students in Grades 6-9 will take this ADST Module as a Hybrid class. Skills for Online Success introduces students to many tools they will need to use to succeed in their Hybrid and online courses. Topics covered include Brightspace, Zoom, email, file management, screenshots, screen recording, online communication guidelines, scanning and digitizing documents, presentation programs, recording video presentations, and more. This module culminates in a final presentation.

Time Commitment

This module satisfies ⅓ of the ADST requirements for grades 6-9 students. There are 17 lessons which take between 15-45 minutes. Many lessons are short and practical, introducing skills students will practice and further develop in their future studies. Most of the lessons end with review questions or a short assignment. The final project may take several hours to complete.

This module can be taken at any point in grades 5-9, which is why you will see it offered at each grade level, but please note it is the same module offered at each grade, so it only needs to be taken once.

Tools required

  • Computer with webcam and microphone
  • Digital Camera
  • Scanner or smartphone for uploading content.

Major Units and Topics

Email, Brightspace, Zoom, File Management, Screenshots, Screen Capturing, Digitizing Your Work, Cameras & Scanners, Recording Yourself, and Digital Presentations.