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How to Donate

Thank you for taking interest in my fundraising efforts to Read for Change. We are excited to be able to raise funds to help support opportunities for learning around the world and here in BC.

Our fundraising efforts will go towards:

  • A medical clinic, education, micro-loans and ministry to street kids initiatives in Kenya that we support through Building Beyond Borders.
  • Forward Together, our HCOS bursary program that supports families in need of financial assistance to home educate here in BC

Donate Online

  1. Go to the Read For Change website.
  2. Anywhere you see the word Donate you can click and it will take you to the donate page.
  3. In the Search for Individuals section please type in my name and click on it when I come up (fig 1.)
  4. Take a look at my page to learn more about why I’m fundraising and what my personal goals are.
  5. Once you’re on my page you’ll see a “Sponsor Me” section. You can follow the prompts there and donate with any major credit card directly on the secure site.  (fig 2.)
  6. A tax receipt will be sent to you the following February.


(fig 1.)

(fig 2.)

Other forms of Donation

  1. If you receive donations in the form of a cheque or cash please use the Cheque Donation Sheet.
  2. Cheques should be made payable to Heritage Christian Online School. Please write legibly!
  3. At the end of our Readathon, send the Cheque Donation Sheet  plus the cheques to the school. Please note that cash donations need to be made into a cheque.
    Heritage Christian Online School
    905 Badke Road, Kelowna, BC, V1X 5Z5
  4. If the cheque is over $20 a tax receipt will be issued and sent to you the following February. Tax receipts are not available for cash donations.