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Understanding Your Report Card

HCOS has two reporting periods for all grades, Kindergarten through Grade 12. In addition to the regular reporting terms, teachers have the option of submitting an Interim Grade Report, which will be completed if a student’s level of performance is below expectations or the teacher has cause for concern.

We have designed the report card to give a clear picture of a student’s progress and learning. A list of the student's courses will appear connected with the teacher’s assessment based on the learning standards.

Grades will be reported using the following scales:

  • Grades K-9 will receive a report using proficiency scales.
  • Grades 10-12 will receive percentage grades.

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Report Card Comments:


We want to ensure parents receive easy-to-read and informative comments regarding student progress. To accomplish this, we have created a system to ensure consistent, high quality comments from teachers that give parents and guardians the bigger picture, help identify areas of struggle and provide insight into your student’s success at school. The comments will focus on the following five areas:

Student Engagement and Behaviour

This section reports on your child's level of engagement in learning and their behaviour, focusing on their developing skills in the Core Competencies. These competencies include communication, personal and social thinking, and creative and critical thinking. For more information regarding the characteristics of the competencies, visit BC Curriculum: Core Competencies.



Even though the new curriculum encourages students to dig into topics and broaden their knowledge through inquiry projects, it is still important that each child has a solid literacy and numeracy foundation.

A specific comment will be written on literacy, identify the student’s skills and abilities based on reading, writing, speaking and listening across a variety of subjects. 

Another comment will cover all aspects of numeracy to help identify skills and abilities to understand and apply mathematical concepts, processes, problem solving, and decision making.

Areas of Strengths

To celebrate successes, the teacher will highlight areas for celebration, projects completed, or skills and learning accomplished that term. The teacher will not focus on every project or area of learning, but rather on one or two that stand out and demonstrate your child’s strengths.

Ways to Support Learning

To encourage student learning, teachers will also include a constructive component that provides feedback on future learning. These comments are intended to support your child with ideas, strategies and tangible ways to address areas of concern, or areas to focus on in the following term.

Students will continue to receive a grade for every subject. Online Courses and Community Connections Plus courses will still receive subject-specific comments twice a year.

Grades 10-12

Students will continue to receive subject-specific comments twice a year. 

It is our hope that the Report Card will provide parents and guardians with a more accurate and concise reflection on how their student is doing at school.