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Resource Vendor Directory

After consultation with their support teacher, parents may purchase curriculum from vendors of their choice. Vendors on the list below have provided instructions on the best way to make a purchase from them. Please read the instructions carefully and make your order as indicated in the instructions. A vendor's inclusion on this list does not imply HCOS endorses their product.  Families are encouraged to research each curriculum carefully prior to purchasing to ensure it is a good pedagogical and philosophical fit.

Families may also wish to take a look at these Curriculum Picks, which are "all-in-one kits" perfect for assisting the beginner homeschooler. Additionally, our Curriculum Consultant has pulled together a list of Curriculum choices to help parents learn more. 

All purchasing MUST be completed by 11:59 pm on April 15th for the current school year. Remember, even if your favourite is not on this list, the chances are that we can get it for you! Let us help you! Email to start the process.

Please Note: Parents who order from International vendors to Canada are responsible for any customs or brokerage fees. Unfortunately, parents CANNOT ship to a US address, as HCOS, as the owner of the curriculum, would be liable for brokerage and customs fees. 

Information about HCOS Purchase Order (PO) Numbers

HCOS (PO) numbers are issued after successful enrollment and receipt of all required documentation. You will need a PO number to order or buy directly from these vendors as schools are not able to reimburse parents for curriculum purchases.

Curriculum on Loan Agreement: Please refer to this page for details.

Lessons: Can be billed in two installments (September to January and February to June). Separate invoices are required for each installment.

Returns: All refunds and credits are made to HCOS, not to parents. Credits must be used to purchase further materials from the vendor.

Vendor Refund and Purchasing Policies: Please carefully read over each vendors refund and purchasing policies prior to making a purchase. 

Resource Vendor Directory

Vendors Subject Related

How to Place an Order

ABB Creations Ltd Language Arts
Phone: 1-877-368-7890
ABC Academic Books Inc. General
In Store: give PO# at time of purchase
Phone: 604-222-2772
ABC Christian Store (Seventh Day Adventist Book Store) Bible
Phone: 604-859-2566 or 1-800-765-6955
Abeka Book General
Please visit SOPHIE for information on how to make a purchase from Abeka Books and Abeka Academy
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Anchor Academic Services Comprehensive

Phone: 604-372-0240

Toll Free: 1-800-276-0078

Online: at checkout there is an option to bill the school using your PO# information 

Answers in Genesis Bible & Science
Phone: 1-855-513-0225
Bennett Projects Language Arts
Please go to the contact section of their website; leave a comment with what you would like to buy, along with your name, address and PO number.
BJU Press General
Phone: 250-338-8454
Email: Contact is Cindy Johnson.
Blue Mantle Educational Supplies General
Online: there is a place to enter PO#. Be sure to write the school name in the comment space.
Brave Writer Language Arts
Email: Include PO#.
Bridge the Gap Math (Laurie Beesting) Math
Please Include: school name, PO#, quantity required, student name, delivery address, contact telephone #
Contact is Laurie 
Camp Homewood Bible
Register Online: Place $100 deposit. Upon receipt of registration, Camp Homewood will invoice HCOS. When they receive payment the deposit will be returned to the parent.
Canadian Home Education Resources (CHER) Comprehensive
Online: there is a place to enter PO# and include school name.
Castle Rock Research BC General
Email: Include PO# & school name with order.
Center for Literary Education Language Arts
Mail: CenterForLit, 3350 Beck Rd, Rice, WA 99167 USA. Include PO# & school name with order.
Chacha & Chicky Supplies Corp Science
Online: Visit our website, click on the “Home Schooling” tab at the top of the page and complete the Order Form
Christian Book & Music Bible, Language Arts & General
Phone: 1-800-663-6259
Email: In store: Give PO# at time of purchase.
Christian Light Publications General
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Classical Conversations
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Classical Education Books General
Place your order online and choose PO# as the  payment option. Enter your PO#, HCOS as the school name and the email address

*If you have any questions, email As per Classical Education Books refund policy, they will not accept returns for any orders purchased through PO’s.
Classroom Complete Press General
Teacher initiates order by Email: service@classroomcompletepress.comInclude family address, PO#, school name & amount of purchase.
CMCO Publications General
Phone: 807-487-1071
Please tell us which organization to bill the order to, the PO#, and the ship-to address.
Online: If you order from the website, please add this info in the comments.
Coho Books Language Arts
Online: Include PO# information
Email: Include PO# and School name with order.
Creation Ministries General
Phone: 1-888-251-5360
Creation Science of B.C. Bible & Science
 Phone: 778-887-3971 or 604-535-0019
Crescent Beach Publishing Math
Email: Include school name, PO# and HCOS fax number: (250) 762-9277 with order.
Fax: 604-538-5454
Diana Waring Presents General
Phone: 1(765) 617-4739 Include PO#, School name as well as the families mailing address, email address and phone number.
Digital Frog International Science
Online: choosing to pay by PO#, send PO# and School name. Please Email after ordering.
Donna Ward Social Studies
Online: Enter your P.O.# and School contact information in the appropriate fields on the address page. You can enter different Bill To and Ship To addresses. Then choose the Pay by Cheque option.
Dynamic Classroom Inc. (Math Help) Math
Phone: (604-592-9309)
Evan Moor General
Parent sends in order to be invoiced - include HCOS account number (Call HCOS Purchasing office for account number - 250-862-2376)
Online: There is a place at check out to include PO# - Include school billing information and your shipping info. Contact: Lorin Tash @1-800-777-4362 EXT 136
Gather 'Round Homeschool  General
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order. Minimum order requirement on digital items is $130CAD or $95USD before shipping and taxes
Great Commission Languages - French Second Language
Email: Peter Sherwood at
Great Commission Languages - Spanish Second Language Email: Peter Sherwood at
Heritage Resources Comprehensive Online: Please enter your name & mailing address. Once your order is ready to be placed, select purchase order for payment. You can select the school & enter your PO number. 
Hewitt Homeschooling Resources Language Arts
Email: Include PO#, shipping Info & HCOS account (Call HCOS Purchasing office for account number - 250-862-2376) Take Note: the shipping cost will be approximately $40.00 to $60.00.
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Homeschool Potpourri General
In store: Give PO# at time of purchase.
House of James Bible, Language Arts & General
Phone: 1.800.665.8828
Email:  Online: Enter PO# & School for billing in the Notes Section.
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Inheritance Publications General

We always accept P.O.s and prefer it that customers forward the invoice to the school.

Institute for Excellence in Writing Language Arts
Phone: 1-800-856-5815 for our customer service team. 
*Must be placed over the phone
Iron Oxide Art Supplies Art
We currently do not have an ordering system on our website. Orders can be placed by email at, by phone at 250-591-4766 or in person in the store.
Joy Center of Learning General
Phone: Toll Free 1(800) 653-4231
Junior Genius Kits Science
Kennedy’s Parable Bible
Online orders are completed within the store and require the PO# along with the student's and parent's full name to complete the transaction. If it is something we do not carry on a regular basis then we require payment up front for the products/books. Normally ordering something that is not regularly carried takes about 2 weeks to come to the store. If it is a purchase in store, then we would require the same information as an online order. There is a possibility that in future we will require the phone number of the customer.
Kingdom Quilts Art
Email: to place your order. All HCOS students receive 10% off.
Kiwi Co
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Living Books Curriculum (Charlotte Mason) General
Email: Include PO# and School name
Loadza Toyz General
In store: Give PO# at time of purchase.
Malachi Man General
Email: Richard Snyder
Marshall Cavendish Education General
Online: There is a place to include PO# and School name with order. Contact person Norma Palazzo, 800-821-9881 Ext. 337
MathCanada (Math-U-See) Math
Phone: 250-590-6761,
Toll Free: 1-888-854-6284
Online: entering your HCOS PO # at checkout
Milestone Books - Rod & Staff General
Phone: 1-800-761-0234
Online: Enter your shipping info & school billing info. At check out, choose payment by mail then in the note section, enter PO# and School name.
Mulberry Bush Store General
Email: Include PO# and School name.
In store: Give PO# at time of purchase.
My Father's World General
Phone: 573-202-2000
Give PO# and school name at time of purchase.
My Homegrown Symphony Music

Please put the schools billing information and the families information under “shipping”. If it is a digital resource, please enter the families email address, instead of the schools, as all the digital material goes to the email address provided.

Nicole the Math Lady Math
Email: Please include: School name and Desired membership.
Northern Lights Academy General
Complete the purchase request form by clicking third Party Funding on the classes tab.
Northwest Treasures Science
Phone: (425) 488-6848
Odin Books General
Orders for Odin Books have to go through the HCOS Purchasing department.
One Year Adventure Novel / Clear Water Press Language Arts
Phone: 1-888-481-4550
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Parasource / Sunday School General
Phone: 519-442-7853 
Toll free: 1-800-263-2664.
Please include the PO# and the school account number when making purchase. (Call HCOS Purchasing office for account number - 250-862-2376)
Precept Ministries Canada Bible
Online: Enter the appropriate PO# in the Notes section at checkout
Rainbow Horizons Publishing / Classroom Complete Press General
Teacher places order by Phone: 1-800-663-3609 Include parent shipping information, items and amount allowed for order. Specify that this is a Canadian order. They are sister companies so they both accept PO# 28.08 AN
Regent College Bookstore General
*Purchases must be completed through email, as website doesn't handle orders.
Right Start math (Activities for Learning) Math
Scholar's Choice General
Online: At check out there is a place to enter PO#. Make to enter Shipping address & HCOS Billing address.
Scholastic General
Include Billing Address, Parent Name, Shipping Address, Student Name, PO# along with a verification letter from HCOS (contact HCOS main office for letter) on letterhead which lists the parent’s address for shipping and states that the student is enrolled with Heritage Christian Online School.
School House Teaching Supplies General
Phone: 250-385-9030
Email: Orders must be accompanied by a letter from the teacher stating that the family has enough funding for the order to go through.
Schoolio Learning Corp General
Families can enter their PO number in the coupon field, once ready to complete the order. 
Science Shepherd Science
Smarts General
Online: Enter PO# & school name in note section.
Phone: 250-515-0775
Sonlight Curriculum General
In subject line enter: PO# Order
Spectrum Educational Supplies General
Email: with the following information:
Billing address:
Heritage Christian Online School
905 Badke Road,
Kelowna, BC V1X 5Z5
Shipping address:
Your Address
Your PO Number
Itemized list of items to be purchased.
Spelling You See & Analytical Grammar Language Arts
Phone: 250-590-6761
Toll Free: 1-888-854-6284
Online: enter your HCOS PO # during the checkout process
StyleWriter Canada Language Arts
Online: PO Information boxes are included on the Check Out Page. 
Teaching Textbooks Math
Email: with the following information: Purchase Order Number, Parent's Name, Physical Address & Products needed. Please note Teaching Textbooks no longer accepts orders via phone.
The Good and the Beautiful General
Email: Please include the subject line: Heritage Christian Purchase Order.
The Great Canadian Adventure Social Studies
Online: Submit orders via email/website message stating the name of your board, PO number, and shipping address.
The Learning House Comprehensive
Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
The Teachers' Learning Store General
In Store: the vendor has a form to be filled out with PO# information. Online: There is a space to enter PO#.
Tree of Life School & Book Service General
Email: Online: Include PO# and School name in comment section.
Usborne Books Language Arts
Families will order through their local distributor, making sure the distributor is an approved vendor through HCOS. Contact to confirm or ask the distributor if they are an approved vendor. 
Vernon Teach and Learn General
In Store: Give PO# at time of purchase.
Online: Customers can now use PO at time of purchase.
Voice of the Martyrs Canada Bible Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Volume One Bookstore General Use the Curriculum Order form to place your order.
Winter Promise Publishing General
Phone: 231-303-1028
Wintergreen Learning Resources General
Phone: 1-800-268-1268.
Ask for Customer Service.

If you have a particular vendor you would like to see included have them contact us: