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Grad Program Overview

Welcome to the Grad Program at Heritage Christian Online School! 

While this page will not answer all of your questions, we hope it is a good foundation to get you started. Once you have connected with the Registrar, you will receive a call from your regional Grad Advisor who will work with you and your student to plan your courses and everything necessary for graduation!

Before that call, take a few moments to read through the following information. 

Grad Program Website

You'll want to bookmark this page for updates about events, new scholarships, graduation, assessments - the works! Please visit often! 

Course Options

This page will walk you through the different types of programming we have in the Grad Program at HCOS. 

Grad Program Funding

Funding operates differently in the Grad Program compared to K-9. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different options through this page of frequently asked questions.

Parent and Teacher Roles

This page outlines what you can expect from your student's teacher(s) and what is expected of you as the parent. 

Feel free at anytime to navigate back to the Information for Families book to check out other pages about the offerings and programs at HCOS. Just click the Information for Families link at the top left of the page!