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Curriculum & Computer Deposit Process

This process does not include grade 10 - 12 students or any resources purchased using IE funding.

As a quick refresher, HCOS families must sign a curriculum loan agreement every year because, by law, all curriculum paid for by the school is owned by the school. The current agreement results in families needing to either return any curriculum received using Encom funds or purchase it from the school.

Over the years, we have received feedback from families on this process. The central themes of concern have been:

  1. Not knowing how much it will cost when they leave or graduate from HCOS.

  2. Submitting orders for each individual student.
  3. Not knowing what items need to be returned.

  4. Not expecting to pay for or return the items.

  5. Feeling financially stressed by the unexpected bill.

How does this benefit families?

In an effort to address these concerns while remaining in compliance with Ministry of Education and Child Care regulations, we are introducing a simplified process that will:

  1. Ensure families know the curriculum buyout amount if they leave HCOS.

  2. Eliminate the need for individual orders per student.

  3. Eliminate tracking consumable and non-consumable curricula.

  4. Eliminate signing multiple Curriculum Agreements.

  5. Eliminate tracking which curriculum was purchased with school or family funds over multiple years. 

What does the new curriculum deposit process look like?

  1. Families will sign the Curriculum Agreement one time for all students.

  2. Families will pay a curriculum deposit of $20 per K-9 student each year through Encom after signing the Curriculum Agreement. The deposit cannot be paid using curriculum funds in Encom.

  3. Families can request a refund of the deposit by submitting the form if:

    1. All curriculum has been returned.

    2. All funding has been used on Lessons & Activities.

    3. The student is being withdrawn from HCOS, and all curriculum has been returned.

  4. HCOS will cover all previous years' buyouts as we transition to the new system starting with the 2024/25 school year for returning families. Families with students leaving HCOS at the end of the 2023-24 school year must return or buyout curriculum as they are under the 23/24 buyout agreement.                                                                                                                                

What does this new computer deposit process look like?

  1. Families will be required to pay a deposit before receiving the computer, depending on the overall value of the computer at the time of purchase.

    1. Devices over $1000 require a $100 deposit.

    2. Devices under $1000 require a $50 deposit.

  2. At the end of the lease, families can return the computer to receive their deposit back or keep the computer, and the deposit will cover the buyout fee required by the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

Refund Request Process

Families seeking to return the items and receive a refund can complete the Curriculum Deposit Refund Request form.