Purchase Order Numbers or PO#s

When you receive a Purchase Order Number (PO#):

Once a child is enrolled at HCOS, they will be issued a PO# once all of the required documents been received by the office.

The office requires:

  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of Residency document
  • Signed Curriculum agreement
  • There may be additional documents required for specific students (ie. out-of-province, or SE students)

The PO# - used to order resources

Families will receive a PO# from the HCOS office and it is accessible in a student's Encom account. The PO# is used with HCOS Vendors on their websites (HCOS Vendors) or through our Curriculum and Lesson Order Forms (found under the 'Curriculum Resources' tab at the top of a student's home page in Encom. The Curriculum and Lesson Order Forms are used to order resources from non-HCOS Vendor websites and are subject to date restrictions (Lessons only after October 1st of the current school year and Curriculum orders are suspended for the month of July each year)

Budget deadlines and amounts:

The budget for K-9 Students enrolling before September 30th of the current school year (and haven't attended any campus school during the week prior to September 30th) is as follows:

  • Each student budget is restricted to a maximum of $600 for any third-party lessons or for consumable resources, any amount of this part of the budget can be used for internal HCOS courses/resources as well and this includes textbooks and materials that can be returned to the school to be used by other students
  • HCOS makes an additional $400 available to pay for internal HCOS courses/resources 
  • Funds may be used for HCOS based programs such as Virtual Worlds, Learning Camps, Community Connections and Co-ops.
  • The cost for HCOS online courses automatically comes out of a students annual budget

K-9 students enrolling after September have a budget of $500 to work with.
K-9 students enrolling after the second enrollment deadline in February have a budget of $250.
K-9 students enrolling after the third enrollment deadline do not have any budget due to the small amount of school year remaining

For K-9 families, the PO# can be used as soon as it is in Encom and it is recommended purchases be made in consultation with:

  • Regional Administrator - initial contact with HCOS Resource Consultant - Cynthia Duncalfe - sign up at Cynthia's Calendar - new families to HCOS prior to the assigning of an HCOS support teacher
  • Current support teacher - returning families

10-12 students receive $100 in curriculum funds per individualized course. There are a few exceptional cases depending on the programs of choice. 

Teacher’s Role in the PO# process:

  • Share advice on resources 
  • Check to see if the child has adequate resources to cover the core subjects
  • Note required program related resources and materials in the SLP
  • Approve resource order forms for non-HCOS Vendor purchases from websites

Reimbursement for own dollars spent:

A parent can not be reimbursed for any resource/lesson purchases made out of their own pocket.