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Setting Up your Brightspace Profile

To set up your profile within Brightspace:

  1. Log In

  2. Once logged in, at the top right, click on your initials

  3. Click ‘Profile’

Here you can update:

  • Profile picture

    • Images must be less than 1MB in size

    • Remember that this image will be seen by your teachers and other students, please choose a respectful one that represents you. Your teachers appreciate seeing your face. If you are uncomfortable providing a picture, that is ok. Any pictures with inappropriate images or content will be removed. 

  • Contact Information

    • This will make your email address public to other users within Brightspace. Teachers have access to your email address if you choose to not put it in this box. 

  • Personal Information

    • If you’d like for others to get to know you a bit, feel free to include some personal tidbits - favorite movies, favorite quotes etc. This is not required. 

  1. Once you have finished editing your profile. Remember to click ‘Save and Close’