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What can I spend my funding on?

Resources and Programs provided by HCOS (Internal)
Resources and Programs by 3rd Party providers (External to HCOS) 
  • Classes, activities & lessons that are not part of HCOS
    • Lesson provider must Criminal Record Check on file prior to the first lesson
  • Educational subscriptions
  • Activity books, workbooks, flash cards, educational games, lego, building blocks, etc...
  • Kits 
  • Curriculum bundles
  • PDF's & digital items
  • Educational Memberships, such as Science World, Aquarium, Art Museums, etc... 
  • Recreational memberships, such as passes to a recreational center
  • Art Supplies
  • Printer ink and printer paper
  • Textbooks
  • DVDs
  • Physical books and novels 
  • Head phones (max $100.00)

Allowable Equipment:

  • Eligible “equipment” over $100 needs to have an Equipment Agreement signed by the parent (if under $100 it does NOT need an agreement). 
    • Examples of Eligible Equipment: Printer  (max amt. $300 before taxes and warranty), Laminator, Binding machine (max amt. $100 after taxes), Tablet (max amt. $125.00 before taxes; no warranty) or Kindle
    • Example of Non-Eligible Equipment: We are not able to purchase 3D printers or any printer over $300 (before taxes and warranty) and Binding Machines exceeding $100.00 (after taxes).
    • Example of Eligible Equipment that does not need an Equipment Agreement signed: Printer under $100.00
  • Must be approved by HCOS Teacher AND be included in student SLP – IMPORTANT
  • Teacher must check and see if the family has sufficient funds in their budget
  • Teacher must check and see if the family has all needed curriculum (The purchase should NOT put curriculum needs in jeopardy)
  • The item must be a reasonable cost. If unsure, please ask Ted Gerk
  • The item must be directly linked to a course they are enrolled in…as per student SLP
Curriculum on Loan Agreement: Agreement between HCOS and parent/guardian - Signed by all parents/guardians during enrollment
  • Parents agree that all curriculum purchased and paid for by HCOS is on loan and the property of HCOS, along with the following conditions:
    • All curriculum will be loaned, returned or paid for on a per-student basis.
  • If my student ceases to be enrolled with HCOS at any time, including switching to Home School Registered, I will either:      
    • pay the school the cost of the curriculum at fair market value as determined by the school     OR
    • Return the curriculum    
  • If the family ceases to be enrolled at HCOS any time during the school year, the curriculum budget allotted to  student(s) will be prorated based on the number of months the student has been enrolled