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Special Education

Information for Families Special Education Program

Special Education (SE) Program Our SE Program works with students who receive additional funding to help build specialized programs that aid in their success as learners. Our diverse and robust program is made up of British Columbia certified teachers who spe...

Special Education

Installing and Using Read&Write

Information for Families Learning Commons (Library)

Written Instructions Written Instructions for installing Read&Write in your Google Chrome Browser Video Instructions Brief Description of Read&Write from HCOS' point of view Downloading Chrome Logging into Chrome with HCOS Student Account A...

Read & Write
Special Education
Learning Services
Read and Write

What can I spend my funding on?

Information for Families Curriculum Budget

Resources and Programs provided by HCOS (Internal) HCOS Learning Camps  HCOS Community Connections HCOS Learning Group Co-ops HCOS Computer/iPad lease HCOS K-9 Online Courses HCOS Grad Courses HCOS Travel & Outreach Programs Resources and Programs by 3...

Special Education

Wired for Connection Webinar

Information for Families Webinars, Presentations & Resources

A big thank you to Julie Bohni (Registered Clinical Counsellor) for sharing about how we are wired, and strategies to deal with anxiety in these tumultuous times.  See the handouts below. Part 1 - Recorded May 21st, 2020   Handouts:     Part 2 - Reco...

Special Education
Learning Services

Special Education Experiential Design - SEED

Information for Families Special Education Program

Overview The HCOS Special Education Experiential Design (SEED) program, brings students together with Google Workspace including Google Classroom and many other digital resources, allowing EA or parent support to be given easily. The exciting and innovative v...

Special Education Experiential Design
Special Education
Learning Services