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Seed Grades 5-9 Program

Seed Information Session Recording 2024



Seed Facilitates a group experience in a creative environment under the guidance and direction of a HCOS Seed teacher. The Seed program brings students together with Google Workspace, including Google Classroom and many other digital resources, allowing EA or parent support to be given easily. The exciting and innovative virtual tools create expectations that encourage students to strive to reach their potential. Seed successfully captivates students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and through their personal interests. The virtual aspect allows pacing, technology in the place of handwriting, and robust support through EA and/or parents in the home.


A high percentage of students move on from Seed to a Dogwood or Adult Dogwood, when it wasn't part of the original planning earlier in their academic schooling. Seed focus on building the core competencies, building on a student's strengths and teaching students how to self-advocate for support. Seed also helps students who want academic programs when Dogwood isn't the focus. Most students end up doing 2-3 years of the Seed program due to their huge growth, an increase of self-confidence, social skills, and even taking on leadership within the small group synchronous classes.

Vision Statement

In Seed, the goal is that all learning is planted deeply and given the opportunity to be rooted and grounded with solid comprehension. By fully experiencing learning practically and personally with authentic and meaningful projects wherein choice, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity are a part of the teaching pedagogy, students’ educational experiences will far surpass mere knowledge without experience. Learners will be filled up with the richest of opportunities to grow and blossom into who God has created them to be, and also be provided with meaningful interactions and experiences with the world around them as followers of our amazing, loving God.

Ephesians 3: 16-19 Amp.
May He grant you out of the riches of His glory, to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self, [indwelling your innermost being and personality], 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through your faith. And may you, having been [deeply] rooted and [securely] grounded in love, 18 be fully capable of comprehending with all the saints (God’s people) the width and length and height and depth of His love [fully experiencing that amazing, endless love]; 19 and [that you may come] to know [practically, through personal experience] the love of Christ which far surpasses [mere] knowledge [without experience], that you may be filled up [throughout your being] to all the fullness of God [so that you may have the richest experience of God’s presence in your lives, completely filled and flooded with God Himself].

2024/2025 Seed Course Offerings

ALL Seed classes follow Ministry Requirements and build towards Graduation

        • Grades Five to Nine program covers five grade-level courses as a 5 course program.
          • Adapted courses available for Grades 5 - 9

          • Applied Design, Skills and Technologies
          • Christian Studies

          • Language Arts

          • Science

          • Social Studies

          • Brad Gibson ~ Grades 5-7

          • Shannon Beglaw ~ Grades 8 and 9 

          • Chantal Stewart ~ Grades 8and 9

          • Replacement (IEP) courses can be offered to grades 10-12 (contact Steve Bastian for details)

            All courses are adapted unless previous arrangements are made with Seed Teacher, IE Teacher, RA and Seed Admin

      • Seed Grad for Credit - please click here for more information.

Seed Math grades 7-9

ALL Seed classes follow Ministry Requirements and build towards Graduation

  • Synchronous Math Classes 2 times a week (see schedule)
  • One-on-One support
  • Adaptations made for each student
  • Grade 7 with Brad Gibson
  • Grade 8 & 9 with Matt Bacon


The heart and soul of the Seed Program and the Seed Teachers is to love, care, and guide each individual student along their own path, fulfilling the academic and social goals of BC’s Modernized Curriculum. Through the guidance, inspiration, and support of the Holy Spirit, we, the Seed teachers, hope that the students will experience the knowledge of God’s love for themselves. Benefits of the program include:

  • 1:1 support as needed on a weekly basis through regular meetings with Seed teachers on Zoom.

  • Seed teachers work to build significant relationships with each of their students and caregivers.

  • Social skills development within a safe group environment.

  • Lessons are differentiated to support all learning styles, with multiple ways to present learning. 

  • Students are prepared to be ready for the transition from Grade 9 to Grad through grade-level content and the development of the competency skills needed to be successful.

  • Strong emphasis on growing and developing a student’s personal faith and service-oriented lifestyle.

  • Interaction in Group Meeting Weekly in order to build relationships with others and gain confidence in oral skills. Literature Circles are great opportunities for students to practice sharing. Each student comes to meetings prepared to elaborate about their assigned role from a novel that is being read by the whole group.

  • Safe Digital Citizenship and gaining increased technology skills.

  • Efforts are significantly praised and struggles are supported with love and care.

  • Formative Assessment to help students progress steadily.

  • Goals and expectations are set to stretch according to where a student is in their personal journey in collaboration with parents, IE teacher, and other support.

Student Tasks

  • All courses supported with direct teaching and use of Universal Supports; Read&Write, Grammarly, Google Workplace and more.
  • ADST - Possible tools: Tynker, Scratch, Minecraft and Roblox Building Projects, Digital Citizenship Course, Google Suite Tools for Education, Modules completed based on grade level Competencies, Content, and Big Ideas.

  • LANGUAGE ARTS - Novel Studies complete with Literature Circle meetings (3 Novels completed each year and the list will be supplied in advance so purchases can be made early in the year. The parent can utilize Encom funds for the novels. Best to get ordered using Amazon via order in Encom as the school has Amazon Prime and it  really reduces the costs of shipping.), Grammar developed through Grammaropolis for grades 5-7, Weekly Editing assignments, Shakespeare, writing development throughout the year using a variety of tasks including blogging, forums, collaboration with Google Docs, reports, essays, passion projects, comics with Pixton, hands-on projects and much much more. 

  • SCIENCE - Virtual Interactive experiments, hands-on activities, exploring the scientific method through completing experiments, inquiry projects, research, using Google Apps to chart data, BrainPOP, Discovery Education videos, Gizmos from Explore Learning, and more.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES - Inquiry-based research projects for topics such as Turning Points in History, discrimination in history, Google Earth Voyages, virtual field trips.  What in the World and The Canadian Reader are used extensively.

  • CHRISTIAN STUDIES - Integrated within all the subjects. Right Now Media Bible studies, discussion and other resources.

Class Connections

  • Each new student will be connecting 1:1 for approx 45 minutes with the Seed Teacher for the first two weeks for onboarding. After the first two weeks, the 1:1 schedule will be at least every other week. These time slots are chosen individually in consultation with the Seed teacher. As time is particularly booked to fit the student and teacher schedule at the beginning of the year, changes cannot be made during the year. If a meeting is missed, a make-up time may not be available. However, each teacher has Drop In office hours so that a particular need can be addressed.
  • 1:1 schedule can be discussed and planned with your assigned Seed Teacher


  • Onboarding starts September 9-13th
  • Synchronous classes begin the week of Sept 16-20
  • Nov 4-8: HCOS staff meetings
  • Dec 23-Jan 3: Christmas break
  • Jan 20-24: Report card writing for teachers
  • Mar 17-28: Spring break
  • April 28-May 2: HCOS Connect
  • Classes end the week of June 2-6

Class Schedule 

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10 am Seed Math 8&9 Open Office Hours
Seed Lite ADST Module (Starting Feb 2025) Seed (Christian Studies, English, Science, Socials and ADST) 5-7
10-11 am
Seed Math 7

Seed Math 8
Seed Math 7

Seed Math 8
Seed (Christian Studies, English, Science, Socials and ADST) 8-9

12-1 pm          
1-2 pm
Seed Math 9
Seed Math 9

Technology & Resources Needed and Utilized

  • Either a PC or Mac will work with all software and platforms within Seed
  • Items Needed for all grades:
  • Every computer being used for meetings needs to have either a built-in webcam and microphone or an external one. Video is an essential part of the program. (In order to be excused from using video in group meetings, it needs to be documented in the IEP and talked about with the Seed teacher to give an understanding of the reasons. Video in face-to-face meetings with the teacher is essential to build the relationship.)
  • A Noise Cancelling or Sound Isolating Headset with microphone is a requirement unless a student is working in a completely quiet area. Distractions from background noises cause many students sensory and focus challenges.  
  • A directional microphone or headphones with mic.  Since many students are sensitive to distracting noises, having a quality microphone that won't pick up background noise is very helpful.
  • Multiple Programs will be utilized at no cost or minimal within the lessons: Google Workspace Apps including Google Classroom, Read&Write, Grammarly, Important to use Chrome as the student’s browser for doing schoolwork, Fanschool, Flip, PixtonEDU, Infographics, Screencastomatic, Zoom, etc. All instructions with significant 1:1 support will be provided as we use the programs through the year.
  • Experiential Items are used in many lessons and practice. Your teacher will provide a list two weeks in advance of items needed and guardians are expected to purchase these items as part of their school supplies.  Eg. popsicle sticks, elastic bands, plastic bottles, play doh, cardboard, glue, outdoor supplies such as twigs, stones, leaves, pipe cleaners, beads, paper clips, pasta, water colour paints or markers, poster board, fabric, seeds, food colouring, salt, sand, model supplies, baking soda, vinegar, steel wool, salt, cabbage (purple), thermometer, magnifying glass...

Student Admittance Process

  1. Only available to Inclusive Education or Learning Services designated students or recommended by Learning Services/Learning Coach. If you are unsure, please contact your case manager teacher to ask more about admittance.
  2. The application form is completed by IE Case Manager or Learning Support.
  3. HCOS considers the privacy and protection of student information of utmost importance. We also hold the value of community and the relationship between students and teachers to be paramount. In an online learning environment, this is achieved primarily through the use of technology including, but not limited to: Zoom, Google Workplace, Google Classroom, and FlipGrid.

    These services, and others, allow our teachers and students to share information, share recorded class sessions and interact with each other at a distance. As such student names and faces may be visible in recordings shared with students and parents.

    Prior to participating in a class that may involve some form of recorded student presence, we ask that you review our online session recordings policy and complete the question below.
    Online Recording Policy
    Please let you IE Casemanager or LSC know that you agree with this policy for acceptance into Seed.

  4. Please note that the coursework is managed through Google Classroom.  Family and students must be comfortable with having a student account with Google. Legal Guardians must sign the school forms on the Google Student Policy as part of the admittance process.
  5. Students and Family/Guardian will be emailed a "Get to know you form" in September to gather further information and best ensure success/support within Seed.
  6. Seed is a 10-month synchronous program (September to June). We require a commitment for the 10 months from a family, student, IE Teacher and EAs to ensure success. Students sometimes hit the "proverbial wall" and may require extra effort from the entire team to climb over and proceed to success in the program. We have seen students who remain committed to a whole school year are successful and return for 2-3 more years in the Seed program. These are celebrated moments of growth.