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Online Session Recording Policy

HCOS considers the privacy and protection of student information of utmost importance.  We also hold the value of community and relationship between students and teachers to be paramount.  In an online learning environment this is achieved primarily through the use of technology including, but not limited to videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Due to family schedules, illness and other reasons not listed, students are not always able to attend a planned event. In an effort to encourage community and relationship we endeavor to allow students to participate after the event by watching a recording of the session. In order to protect student information teachers will:

  1. Ensure all parents are aware of the possibility of a recording and acknowledge and complete the Online Recording Consent form and ensure no student whose parents have not consented is included in a recording.
  2. Will upload the video to one of two approved sources:
    1. Vimeo - ensuring all videos are set to Private and have a password
    2. Google Drive - ensuring the link is only shared with individual email addresses
  3. Work with families, to the best of their ability to find alternatives for students who want to attend but whose parents do not want their image or name in a recording. Where a solution cannot be reached the student will be unable to participate in live sessions.