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Student Transportation Policy

The best practice is for parents to provide transportation or to arrange it on their own as needed. In the rare instance that Coordinators arrange student transportation, please consult the LG RA to review waiver needs, additional business insurance, and liability requirements.

Requirements for Volunteer Parent Drivers

All drivers must:

  • Be pre-approved by the ministry/dept. head
  • Provide a copy of their valid driver’s license via Driver’s Abstract
  • Provide a copy of their current auto insurance policy, with a minimum of $2 million liability coverage
  • Have a minimum of 5 years driving experience
  • Have a CRC clearance letter on file with HCOS

Copies of all driver's licenses and driver's auto insurance need to be kept on file.  For Learning Groups, please forward a copy of the insurance and Drivers’ Abstract to the LG Administrative Assistant for our records (all together as a set).

Teachers, if you hope to drive for an event, please contact your LG RA for further details and requirements.

The Coordinator may arrange a professional driver upon LG RA approval.