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Synchronous Course End Date Policy

Synchronous courses offer the same program of study as an online course, with the added benefit of weekly meetings with a teacher and working alongside a cohort of peers on the same topics. To read more about our synchronous course offerings, please see here.

Synchronous courses at HCOS include:

  • Middle School Online Synchronous (Grades 5-9)

  • Grad Online Synchronous (Grades 10-12)

  • Community Connections Plus (Kindergarten-Grade 12)

Synchronous, is by nature of the word, a cohort of students starting and ending their courses at the same time. This means that students enrolled in a synchronous class are expected to begin course work in September with their cohort and also complete that course within the school year, finishing in June at the latest.

If students are significantly off pace by the end of the first semester (January), this serves as a good time to re-evaluate if the course will be completed by June and to consider transferring to an asynchronous offering of the course. 

All students enrolled in a synchronous offering will be given a final grade in the June reporting period of each year.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, please connect with your course teacher for further discussion. 

While the added weekly classes provide accountability for students through teacher check-ins, parents and guardians are asked to also follow up at home to ensure that students are working through their materials, submitting assignments on time and following their schedules.