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Course Activation Policy and Procedure

The Course Activation Procedure also ensures:

  • The student’s participation in Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) and BC Online School (BCOS) is in compliance with the Provincial Activation Standards for DL Schools.
  • School Funding for the student’s program or course depending on when the student is activated.
  • Teacher remuneration once the student is shown active.

The Funding Level of the Student is determined by the Activation Date in the following circumstances:

  • K-9 Students funding is determined by the following dates as long as activation in Encom occurs in the school year before the 1701 snapshot dates:
    • Sept 30th – 100% of the DL Student Funding granted
    • Mid February – 50% of the DL Student Funding granted
    • Mid May – 33% of the DL Student Funding granted
  • Grade 10-12 HCOS/BCOS and Adult funding is determined on a course by course basis by the following active dates after the course has been activated in Encom by the teacher:
    • Sept 30th – 50% is paid in October and 50% is paid in January. (Note that all Summer School is part of this funding period).
    • Mid February – 50% is paid in March and 50% is paid in June.
    • Mid May – 50% is paid in June and 50% is paid in October.
  • Grade 8-9 cross enrolled is submitted at the end of the School Year in a Special Grant.

Activation Procedure: This procedure determines if an enrolled student will be eligible for funding and teacher remuneration. For K-9 the level of funding is also determined by when the activation is dated. (See the above points on Funding Levels).

  • K-9 Activation – An enrolled student is considered active when the following is completed:
    • When the teacher begins the Student Learning Plan (SLP) document and enters information for a course, Encom automatically activates the student in the course entry.
    • This is a collaborative process involving both the teacher, parent and in some cases the student. The teacher needs to document this collaborative process through email, zoom/skype chat, home visits, etc. This is the responsibility of the Individualized Teacher.
    • If a student is in an online course, the Online Course Teacher will activate the course once the student has completed 5-10% of the curricular competencies based on the online course plan.
    • Encom has a digital completion verification check that the parent will have to sign off on indicating they are in agreement with the SLP.
    • After activation the teacher will save substantial course work by the student showing learning activity in accordance with the SLP or Online Course Plan for the purposes of determining strong parent and student participation. This can be used as Portfolio work but doesn’t constitute a student Portfolio. This needs to be easily accessible.
  • Grade 10-12 HCOS/BCOS and Adult Course Activation – a student will be listed in the teacher’s Encom list and also be enrolled in the course if online. All activation is on a course by course basis.
    • When a student arrives on the teacher list they proceed to contact that student. They outline to the student what is necessary to start their course.
    • Grade 10-12 HCOS students that chose an Individualized approach will follow the exact same steps as online for activation.
    • Substantive student course activity must be submitted by the student to the teacher before the teacher activates them.
      • The course work or activity must represent a minimum of 5-10% of the course’s learning activities which are directly linked to the curricular competencies.
      • The activity must have been evaluated by the teacher and entered in the teacher’s records, dated on or before the date the student became active.
      • The activation documentation and assignments will be uploaded to Encom with the verification of the teacher that the assignments, activity logs, emails, etc. represent more than 5% of the course.
    • The teacher then places the activation date on the Course Information Page in Encom.

In the case of Dual Credit courses such as AP or Humanities, each specific course must have its own activation process. If the courses start simultaneously then documents pertinent to the course being activated must be submitted. The documents in the second course must be completely different assignments from those activated in the first course.