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Curriculum Funds Policy


Curriculum funds are made available to K-9 students based on enrollment for a full school year. S...

Independent Directed Studies Policy


Independent Directed Studies (IDS) Overview Under teacher supervision, students can earn additio...

Personal Information Privacy Policy for Parents and Students


The School’s Commitment to You Safeguarding personal information of parents and students is a fu...

Emergency Drills Policy


At Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) we encourage our families to educate themselves on fir...

Administration Performance Evaluation Policy


Heads of School, Divisional Directors and Regional Administrators will be evaluated as they near ...

Acceleration and Retention Policy


HCOS Acceleration and Retention Policy Acceleration Policy "Acceleration is the practice of pla...

Work Resubmission and Assignment Grading Policy


Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) and BC Online School (BCOS) students are permitted to res...

Sexual and Reproductive Health Alternative Delivery Policy


Heritage Christian Online School supports parents and guardians to be actively involved with thei...

Safety for at Home Learners

Information for Families General Information

Fire, Earthquake, Lockdown and other emergencies can happen at any time or place. Just because ...

Grade Promotion and Benchmarks Policy


This is a statement of best practices employed by Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) regardi...

Academic Integrity Policy


The policies below are posted in the course online course orientation that students must take, as...

Plagiarism Policy


Our expectation of online students is that they act with integrity and make every effort to prese...

Client-in-Litigation Policy


Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) will maintain a position of neutrality when working with ...

Course Activation Policy and Procedure


The Course Activation Procedure also ensures: The student’s participation in Heritage Christian...

Drinking Water Policy


As a Distributed Learning (DL) Independent School, our students are located in their homes; as su...

Electronic Supervision Policy


For the protection of Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS), our staff, our teachers, our paren...

Parent and Teacher Role Policy


Parents or guardians have a supporting role under the direction of the teacher. The role of the p...

Procedural Fairness Policy


These guidelines explain in general terms the principles which are the basis of “procedural fairn...

Tobacco and Vapes Use Policy


Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) endeavors to see one’s physical, psychological, and spiri...

Course Challenge and Equivalency Policy


Course Challenge Policy To challenge a course is to prove the student has undocumented prior lea...