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Emergency in General Community Locations

Emergency encountered while in the Community or on the road i.e. during a Learning Camp or other Learning Group Activity 
  1. LG proposal and approvals as per LG Event Planning Steps
    1. Include inherent risks and complete waiver forms as appropriate
    2. As indicated in the event planning steps, ensure access to
      1. Student medical and safety forms
      2. Student group supports forms
      3. Legal Alert information
      4. Emergency contact information for each child
      5. Photo waiver information
    3. Adhere to the related School and LG Policies and Procedures
    4. Adhere to the Emergency Protocols and Procedures
  2. Coordinator or Adult in Charge to ensure a First Aid kit is either available on-site or taken along.
  3. Parent accompaniment recommended for full student experience and extension of learning at home.
  4. Parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their child(ren) at all times where indicated i.e. not a drop off event.

Families are expected to arrange their own transportation to and from field trip activities. In the rare event that an accident or emergency occurs while transporting students: 

  1. Account for all students.
  2. Release students only to parents, guardians or authorized representative. Record name to whom students were released.
  3. At the scene, do not discuss the accident with any onlookers. Never speculate about what happened. Never accept or place blame.

In all of the above scenarios, it is important to complete the Accident & Incident Report form should the need arise.