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Dual Credits

The ministry of education has provided an option for students to be involved in dual credit programs where they enrol in and complete post-secondary courses or training and also earn secondary (high school) credits at the same time. These dual-credit programs are stand-alone agreements set up between a specific secondary school and a specific post-secondary institution, usually within the same school district. 

Heritage Christian Online School does not currently offer dual credit course offerings for our Grade 10-12 students. With grade 10-12 students in each of the 60 school districts across the province, we do not have the resources to create and maintain the ongoing unique agreements with each of the post secondary institutions or secondary schools in these districts that offer dual-credit enrolment. 

Students interested in dual credit courses are encouraged to explore options for cross-enrolment with their local secondary schools and your grad advisor is happy to help you create a schedule and plan for graduation that includes any information on local dual-credit options you bring to them. 

For more information on Dual Credits please visit the Ministry of Education website.