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FSA - Confirming Student Mailing Address

In order to ensure families receive the Foundation Skill Assessment (FSA) packages mailed out to grade 4 and 7 students, it helps tremendously to have mailing addresses in Encom up to date. 

Please make sure to update the STUDENT mailing list (not the parent one). Thank you.

Here is a quick set of directions on where to check this and how to make any changes needed:

1. login to Encom (please ask your support teacher if you are unable to)


2. Select My Contact Information in the top menu bar 


3. Scroll down to 'Mailing Address' (NOT Home address) and make sure it is correct for where your children will be receiving the FSA package.

It is important you state where you are currently living as we send FSA packages via email to families living outside of British Columbia at the time of writing (see example below).


If you are out of province / country, please change your mailing address to just your country (see example below).


Please also quickly check if the email address is correct while you are checking this page. Thank you.

4. Pleas click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen if you updated your Mailing or Email Address.