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Completing HCOS Learning Groups Applications

This page provides information on who to complete an HCOS Learning Group Application. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

Signing up for an application where each participant signs up separately (seats):
There are some opportunities when each participating individual needs to provide full information in an application so we can best support student success and safety. This includes opportunities such as Community Connections, all drop-off Learning Camps, overnight Learning Camps and other opportunities as applicable.

Signing up for an application where the parent signs up and chooses the number of tickets desired:

For Learning Camps where parents are fully responsible for the care and supervision of their children, we use a streamlined application form where the parent signs up and chooses the applicable number and types of tickets for their family, providing minimal information in the application. This includes Learning Camps such as track and field, concert performances or virtual meet an author workshop.

Further reminders on completing a Learning Groups application

Thank you for your interest in signing up for an HCOS Learning Group opportunity. Please see the videos on how to complete an application, further notes for your reference are here:

  • If you are having difficulty submitting your application or experiencing application bugs - try opening it in a different browser, and when it asks if you should start a new application - select “yes”.

  • There is only one parent/guardian allowed on an Enrolled student application (Enrolled students have a PO and a teacher, a Registered student does not). Additional attending adults, Registered or General Community students and Pre-K children (where applicable) will need a separate application, with payment by credit card.
    • If your family is a combination and you are paying for all participants (including Enrolled students), start your application with the non-Enrolled student first.
    • If ticketed opportunity, you will need to use a different email address or initial participant name.
    • Adults and Pre-K cannot sign up as an Enrolled student. The PO number will be cross referenced to determine that it is attached to an enrolled student and you will be invoiced for the correct fee in the case that this occurs. 

  • If your HCOS PO funding does not cover the entire application fee, the funding you have will be applied to the learning camp and you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.  If there was a minimum credit card amount (such as for Community Connections or Learning Camps with higher fees), balances outstanding will be charged to the card on file per the terms within the application.

  • We are unable to collect cash at events. We do not accept visa debit, however it is possible to pay with a pre-paid credit card.

  • If you forward an invoice to your General Community school for payment, please make sure to also forward the resulting receipt for their records (all correspondence is with you directly).

  • Learning Group fees are non-refundable unless it explicitly notes otherwise. 
    • Community Connections and specific Learning Camps have a graduated cancellation schedule
    • When you submit your application, there is a required question field for agreement of the cancellation fee as indicated. Please confirm your schedule before applying for learning camps. 

  • If your application is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please reach out to to confirm if your application has been submitted. 

  •  Please be aware, if you “opt-out” of Cvent (the application program) email notifications you will not receive submission confirmations or invoices (where applicable). In the event that you have a balance, the LG Office will reach out to you for permission to opt you back in.

For further information, please see our Families SOPHIE Book for general Learning Groups information.