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Comparative Civilizations Program (with Overseas Travel)

Planning for our 2020/2021 Comparative Civilizations Program is gearing up. For this, our 13th anniversary year, we would like to invite you to consider becoming an important part of the legacy. The CompCiv Team always marvels at how the Spirit of God year after year transforms the life of each student who participates in this adventure. 

If you plan to join us, prepare to have your perspectives on faith and life recalibrated, as you become part of a travelling community who through a wondrous exploration of history and culture will encounter the revitalizing truths of God¹s historical master plan. In short, this is more than a program featuring a cool trip overseas. It is an intensely spiritual and life-affirming experience.

Please note that you earn a minimum of 12 credits by choosing at least three courses from the following Comparative Civilizations Program course list:

  • CompCiv - Art Studio 12 (with overseas travel)
  • CompCiv - Christian Studies 12 (with overseas travel)
  • CompCiv - Comparative Cultures 12 (with overseas travel)
  • CompCiv - Philosophy 12 (with overseas travel)
  • CompCiv - World Religions 12 (with overseas travel)

Each study/travel course combo is designed to best fit your particular interests and transcript needs.

Tentative Dates: 12 days** in the last three weeks of March 2021.

Program Fee: $4000.00**

  • We will hold a detailed INFO Night in mid-September. Time and Date: TBA
  • A verbal commitment is required by October 8, 2020
  • A $1500 non-refundable deposit is due October 13, 2020

Application Process: To register for this program please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ENCOM account
  2. Click Select Courses
  3. Select the courses with the CompCiv prefix in the Grade 12 course selection list (typing 'CompCiv' in the Course Search bar will list the relevant courses)

Eric Vanee or your Grad Advisor can assist you with course selection if needed. Lord willing, this year our trip will focus on major destinations in Israel, Greece, Rome, and Paris**. It will be a fast-paced adventure filled with wonder and excitement.

**In view of circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, trip length, price, and exact locations are approximate until such time as we can navigate uncertainty surrounding international travel.

For more information please contact: Eric Vanee