Enrolled Program Overview

HCOS will discuss the variety of support services, the responsibilities for families and also miscellaneous information during the initial interview.

HCOS Support

Your Support Teacher will:

  • Be your child’s teacher and is responsible for your child’s educational program. S/he will also support families through prayer, encouragement, and professional Christ-centered guidance
  • Provide curriculum instructions and guidance
  • Have regular contact (emails, phone calls, home visits when possible and desired)
  • Collaborate on an Student Learning Plan (SLP) to be completed by the end of September and may be adjusted throughout the year
  • Provide assessment through regular feedback on work sample submitted weekly, Interim Grade Reports as needed, and Report Cards at the end of our two terms
  • You will be contacted by your Support Teacher in August or early September

Resource Budget

  • PO numbers will be given which may be used through a variety of vendors. Please see here for a list of participating vendors
  • Once curriculum for core subjects (Science, Socials, Language Arts, Math & Languages when applicable) is established, curriculum budget may be used for lessons
  • PO numbers can be found in Encom

Learning Commons

  • Learning resources and kits
  • Online Library
  • Subscriptions

Learning Groups

  • Co-ops
  • Community Connections
  • Community Connections Plus
  • Learning Camps

Curriculum Consultant 

  • go over resources and what can work for each grade

Curriculum Packages

  • common resources to help get started as needed

FSA Testing

  • Students registering in grades 4 and 7 are required to write the FSA tests in October  

Online courses 

  • available for grades 5 to 9

Parent Responsibilities:

Documentation to be sent to HCOS office

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Care Card Number
  • Curriculum Agreement

Weekly contact with support teacher

  • Emails, phone calls, SeeSaw/Freshgrade, Zoom calls, texts, or other agreed upon methods
  • Face-to-face visits when possible or desired
  • Sharing of work samples and activities as guided by your support teacher


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