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Grad Student Booking Textbooks

Please note: This is for Individualized Patrons with Encom Passwords

Logging into the Search Portal:

Click on this link: 
You will see the Search Portal menu below; click on the Login in the right hand upper corner. 

You will log in with your Parent Encom username and password. If you have forgotten your password, just choose the ‘forgot password?’ link, and the site will send it to your email. 

Physical Resource Limits For Textbooks

  • High School Textbooks Extended Loan are loaned out for 8 months with 1 month renewal option.

Physical Resource Limits For Other Resources

  • Loan period is 10 weeks except textbooks, so please consider aligning your return dates with other bookings. Enrolled Students receive 8 free shipments (4 return trips). Registered students receive 4 free shipments (2 return trips).


  1. Click on the icon that says “Topics.”

2. For Individualized Course textbooks, click on the Gr. 10-12 Course Extended Loan icon. (Enrolled Students only)
3. Click on the Gr. 10-12 Enrolled Students icon for other resources.
4. Click on the Gr. 10-12 Registered Students icon for resources available to registered students.


Click on a record to see the details. Click directly on the title to be taken to the Title Details page to book the item.

  • The Title Record will show how many copies are available and the due date if it is already out.
  • You can save the item to a list if you don’t want to book just one item at a time or save it to book later.
  • Note: Even if an item is OUT or on HOLD, you can still book it for future dates (if it is available).

  • Click Book Item.
  • A calendar will appear. The small red numbers indicate how many copies are available each day.  You will see your unique shipping “Site” on the top right.
  • This patron is HCOS5, which means they are five shipping days from Kelowna. Be sure to choose a date that allows the number of shipping days before you want to receive your items. The system will automatically change your date to allow for the correct number of shipping days.
  • Ensure that the item is available for the loan period. Patrons cannot book items for shorter periods.

  • Click on the day you want to receive the item.
  • In this example, Aug. 13th was chosen.  Items are loaned for ten weeks, not including shipping. The calendar now shows the entire booking period.
  • Shipping days are highlighted in dark orange on the calendar (weekends/holidays are not counted as shipping days, so seven shipping days are shown for the HCOS 5 zone).  The requested date is Aug. 6th.
  • Click “Book Items”.
  • A pop-up will confirm if your booking went through, and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If the item is unavailable during the year, you will get a pop-up stating that it’s unavailable.

Manage your Account

You can view due dates, renew, change dates or cancel items online.  Please cancel items if your plans change so other families can use the materials.

View Due Dates and Renew Items

Hover over the “My Account” icon, then “My Borrowing,” and select “My Loans.” View the due dates.

  • Renew one item by clicking the check box on the left or renew all items by clicking Select All. Click the Renew button.
  • Items needed for another patron will not renew.
  • The renewal period is four weeks.
  • Renew books no sooner than 1 - 2 weeks before they are due, or your loan period will be shortened.

The system will automatically change your date to allow for the correct shipping days.

View your bookings

Hover over “My Account”, then “My Borrowing”, and then select “Booking”.

View all of your bookings for the year

Enter the “From” and “To” dates (change to June of the school year to see entire year’s bookings). All of your bookings will display.

You will see:

  1. The booking loan period
  2. Shipping to and from days
  3. The Cancel button - click to cancel your booking
  4. Edit Booking button - click to change your date