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Viewing Student Moodle Progress

Viewing Student Moodle Progress


Moodle holds a wealth of information to empower parents to be active participants in their students' educational journey. In order to facilitate access to this information we have made it possible for parents to access the following information in Moodle:

  1. Course progress based on the pacing guide setup by the student, based on the teacher’s suggested pacing.
  2. Full grade and feedback review for marked assignments (some quizzes currently do not reflect the feedback. We are working on getting this added).
  3. An outline of a student’s activity in the course (submitted, accessed etc.)


Access is tied to the parent's Encom account. Using the same login and password as you would to log into Encom, you are able to access Moodle via If you are not sure of your login please contact and one of our support team members will help you access your account


Once logged in a parent will see the following:


Clicking the Student Progress Report button will open a page with a table showing all your students and the courses they are in.image-1610402574977.png