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MyBlueprint (Gr. 7 - 12) is a Career Education planner. 

This Subscription is available to Enrolled and Flex students.

It is vitally important to prepare our students for grad, and the world of work.   It is a great asset as our students prepare for the creation of their digital portfolios.  Some of the features students will find in myBlueprint are:

  • Goals: Easily create goals with interactive action plans and monitor your progress through to success.

  • Who Am I: The series of career life assessment surveys to help students better understand themselves. Once they complete all 5, they can take compatibility surveys to explore available occupations related to their results.

  • High School: Easily create a high school plan of courses students may be interested in taking and map out their progress through to graduation. Using the pathway eligibility box, determine eligible post-secondary programs based on the course’s input onto the grid.

  • Post-Secondary: Explore our post-secondary database of over 12,000 post-secondary programs across Canada and determine admission requirements.

  • Occupations: Explore over 500 occupations in our database, determine requirements, and create a plan for the future.

Logging In

Students will need to follow the steps below to set up their accounts and log in.

  • Enter the activation key found on the Learning Commons Search Portal under Subs/Passwords tab.

  • Select Student

  • Select grade and continue.

  • Complete the form for account creation

Logging In After Setting Up Your Account

For students to log in:

2. Enter the email and password you used to sign up.

3. Enjoy exploring opportunities available to you!

Using the Subscription


When you start your account in myBlueprint there are several surveys to take.

The surveys are not re-set, but students can re-take them; commonly done.  

  • High School Tool for tracking opportunities across Canada

  • Work:  discover occupations, create resumes, and look for jobs.

  • Money:  Start to work on creating a budget

  • Guides:  information within My blueprint, also gives a lot of career & life info.  Includes Mental Health Guide.

Let's make a plan and set some goals! myBlueprint can help students plan out their courses and progress toward grad.

Getting Started Guide For Students Gr. 7-12

Year at a Glance

The Year at a Glance guide offers a month-by-month breakdown of learning goals, student activities, and valuable resources for the successful implementation of the Education Planner with British Columbia students in Grades 7 – 12.  Parents and students will want to download this handy ‘road map’ to direct them through the myBlueprint site.

Guides and documentation to help educators, students, and parents get started with their accounts (Word documents and .pdf files)

Getting Started Guide for Family  This guide for parents, family, and guardians provides a step-by-step explanation of how to create a Family account, link it with a student, and explore its features.

After Graduation

When students are close to graduation as grade 12 students, myBlueprint will prompt them to update the email on their account to a personal email. They do this because many students use their school emails as the method to log into their myBlueprint accounts.

Adding a personal email will ensure that after graduation, students will retain full access to their myBlueprint accounts FREE of charge. If a student forgets their password, they can click the Forgot Password button on the log-in page and will be able to receive the password reset email to their email inbox (if they have made this change). Students’ work will NOT be removed upon graduation.

Lastly, myBlueprint has an 18-month data retention policy, meaning that for all accounts, if this is fully inactive (0 logins), the account will be deleted for security purposes. Prior to deletion, students will be notified via email to prompt them to log in to their accounts to keep access. If they do so, the clock resets, and it’s business as usual. If, after 18 months, the student still does not log in, the account will be deleted.


You can contact Margaret Basaraba by email for help with any questions.