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4Canoes magazine (K-Grade 12) has articles vetted by the Indigenous communities about which they were written. The 4Canoes website is accessed through Focused Education Resources and the BC Digital Classroom.

Focused Education Resources is a not-for-profit, shared services organization that supports excellence in K-12 education in British Columbia. It is a consortium of BC public school districts and independent schools that work together to create accessible learning resources for BC schools. Within Focused Education Resources is the BC Digital Classroom, which houses many of the subscriptions available to HCOS and Flex families.

Logging In

There are two steps to log in to 4Canoes.

Step 1: Navigate to BC Digital Classroom, then select the 4Canoes icon.


Step 2: Enter the username and password for 4Canoes from the Subs/Passwords tab in the Search Portal.


Navigation & Use

A slider bar or forward arrow underneath the magazine allows you to move quickly from one place to another within the magazine. There is also an arrow in the magazine's middle, far-right, and far-left to turn page by page.

The "Recommended Resources" section at the end of some of the articles will enhance teaching.

The "Kids Fun Zone" has engaging activities for younger children. There are traditional interactive stories and activities to accompany them.

It is possible to purchase the print version of these magazines at a 30% discount fromĀ using the code ERAC.