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Unit Study Kits

Unit Study Kits are a carefully researched compilation of reading, listening resources, curated subscriptions, and choice-based activities based on the Big Ideas and Core and Curricular Competencies from BC’s curriculum. Learners will engage in questioning, researching, discussing, exploring, creating, reflecting, and designing as they interact with these engaging activities and topics while inquiring about the world around them. 

This short video will help you get started with Unit Study Kits on the Learning Commons website.

Purpose & Goals

Unit Study Kits provide a flexible option for families who seek to build academic skills and knowledge with Social Studies and Science units aligned to the BC Curriculum. Many of our kits offer flexibility for whole-family learning. We encourage families and teachers to collaborate in the kit selection and planning process. 

Our kits support learning in a variety of areas, including: 

Learn more about Unit Study Kits at specific grade levels by exploring the following categories:

Grades K-3

Our Grades K-3 Unit Study Kits are filled with fun and flexible activities to bring God’s world to life for our youngest learners. Families will discover beautiful books, intentionally selected videos, and engaging activities.

Grades 4-5

Students in Grades 4-5 are gaining confidence as learners and enjoy being challenged with thought-provoking content, skill development, fascinating books and videos, and a wonderful array of knowledge-building activities.

Grade 6

Our newly revised Grade 6 humanities-based kits contain specific assignments that allow students to delve deeply into curricular topics while still providing them with room to express themselves as unique children of God.

Grades 7-9

Unit Study Kits for Grades 7-9 students are designed to begin preparing them for the HCOS Grad program. Units provide structured learning opportunities within a framework that promotes choice while allowing students room to express themselves as learners.

HCOS Unit Study Kits are available in both physical and digital formats. In Grades K-6, a blended instruction guide is used for all kits. In Grades 7-9, you will access a digital guide for links and other digital resources; however, you can also borrow a physical kit from the Learning Commons.

Digital Unit Study Kits

Nothing will be mailed to you when you choose to use a digital kit, as all your resources will be digital. Digital Unit Study Kits are password protected. To view them, log in to the Learning Commons website and choose the Subscriptions Icon in the menu at the top of the Search Portal. This will take you to the Subscriptions page, where you will find usernames, links, and passwords.

Blended guides contain links to digital books, videos, and other virtual tools, games, and interactive resources. All instructions for activities are found within the kit guide. We recommend that you log into Sora and the subscriptions before starting, saving the passwords in your browser as you go. If eBooks are unavailable, please get in touch with Pippa Davies.

Digital Unit Study Kits are available to all HCOS students.

Physical Unit Study Kits

Physical Unit Study Kits can be booked through the Learning Commons Search Portal. When you order a physical kit from the Learning Commons, you will be mailed an assortment of physical books to accompany your learning. The kit will be shipped to your home, and HCOS will send a courier to pick it up after use. 

Physical Unit Study Kits are available to HCOS Enrolled students only. 

Unit Study Kit Guides

All HCOS Unit Study Kits guides use eBooks, audiobooks, and subscriptions linked directly within the kit guides. 

Blended Guides are available for all K-Grade 6 kits. Blended guides are digital documents with fully clickable links. K-6 kits are available in digital and physical formats, but both types of kits use the same blended guide.

Digital and Physical Guides are available for Grades 7-9 kits. You will still need to access the digital guide to utilize clickable links when using a physical kit. Families using physical kits can still select digital books to enhance their learning.

Blended Guide

Digital Guide

Physical Guide

Physical Kit

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Grade 6 Social Studies

Grade 6 Science

Grades 7-9

We are in the process of creating updated blended guides for Grade 6 Unit Study Kits.